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Yuchai's two experts win special government allowance

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has recently issued a notice saying that Yuchai's two experts: Lin Zhiqiang and Qin Maohua would enjoy the special government allowance upon approval by the State Council. So far, Yuchai has had nine experts enjoying the allowance.

Lin Zhiqiang

Lin Zhiqiang, professor-level senior engineer and doctor of engineering, is currently chief engineer of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. He has long been committed to the development and research of various diesel engines, gas engines and technologies, has solid theoretical basic knowledge and rich practical experience, and has led the R & D of several leading and applicable engines meeting market demands, some of which filled domestic gaps and made remarkable technological achievements. As backbone, he was involved in five national "863" projects and five autonomous region technological projects, and achieved remarkable results.

Qin Maohua

Qin Maohua is a benchwork skill master. He participated in the National Worker Skill Competition in 2012 and won the 14th place in the benchwork category. In daily work, he is good at summarization and innovation. For example, he innovatively used the technology of 3D printing in the manufacturing of complex parts such as diesel engine body, cylinder cover and crankshaft, so as to accelerate the R & D of Yuchai's new products, put an end to the history in which Yuchai counted on dies, and save Yuchai's manufacturing cost by over 6 million yuan annually.

(Chen Xiaoxiao/Gan Xiaoming)

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