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Yan Ping attends 2014 Guangxi Entrepreneur Day

On July 24, Guangxi Entrepreneur Day took place in Nanning, Guangxi. Leaders including Peng Qinghua, Party secretary of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region met with the entrepreneurs present. Among the attendees were Chairman Yan Ping and Vice President Zhou Sunhai of Yuchai Group.

On the morning of the day, Peng shook hands with entrepreneurs including Yan, ardently hoping they will maintain confidence, emancipate mind, make innovation actively and boldly assume responsibilities to promote Guangxi's economic leap. In the first half of this year, Guangxi's economy grew steadily, with its industrial value added and import & export growth ranking top in the country, its structural adjustment has produced initial effects, and the autonomous region government will release new policies and measures to achieve the annual objective, he said.

Guangxi is facing a major development opportunity, entrepreneurs should bear in mind the concept of "daring to be the first and fighting to win", overcome difficulties and gain initiative, Peng noted, hoping enterprises and entrepreneurs should consolidate their confidence first. He said, firstly, China is in a period of shift in economic growth, a period of pains from economic restructuring and a period of digesting early policies, enterprises are facing great difficulties, but the period is also a critical period of industrial restructuring and enterprise reshuffle, scientific analysis and judgment should be made to accomplish "corner overtaking". Secondly, emancipating mind and enhancing enterprises' core competitiveness in reform and innovation is particularly important to Guangxi's enterprise. Efforts should be made to make innovation actively to make up for enterprises' deficiencies in internal mechanisms, talents and R & D. Thirdly, enterprises should boldly and actively assume social responsibilities for public welfare undertakings and eco-civilization construction, enterprises and entrepreneurs should achieve greater success in social development to accomplish the objective of "two buildings".

As a pacesetter of Guangxi's enterprises, Yuchai has been actively making innovation, cultivating corporate core competitiveness and performing its social responsibility. According to the Development Report of 2014 Guangxi's Top 100 Enterprises released during the activity, Yuchai ranked 7th among Guangxi's top 100 enterprises and 2nd among Guangxi's automakers in 2014. The report notes Guangxi's enterprises substantially increased the total R & D investment in order to cultivate corporate core competitiveness, Yuchai came out on top in R & D investment among Guangxi's enterprises and had 1,418 patents, ranking 1st in Guangxi.

Yuchai and Yan Ping were listed among 2013 Guangxi's Top 10 Enterprises and Entrepreneurs respectively. On the afternoon of the day, the award ceremony was staged at GXTV's studio.

(Song Yonggeng)

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