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Yuchai awarded at release ceremony of 2014 Guangxi's Top 100 Enterprises in Nanning

On July 24, sponsored by Yuchai Group, the award ceremony of 2013 Guangxi's Outstanding Enterprises and Entrepreneurs & the release ceremony of 2014 Guangxi's Top 100 Enterprises took place in Nanning. At the ceremony, Guan Yueqing, chairman of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, presented the plaques of "Guangxi's Top 10 Enterprises" and "Guangxi's Top 10 Entrepreneurs" to Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group. Zhou Sunhai, vice president of Yuchai Group, received the plaque of "2014 Guangxi's Top 100 Enterprises" on behalf of Yuchai.

GXTV' studio was brilliantly illuminated in the day of the ceremony, and the enterprise and entrepreneur representatives off the stage were dazzling likewise. As a "double-ten" enterprise, Yuchai drew great attention on Entrepreneur Day and the award ceremony was filled with Yuchai's elements, demonstrating Yuchai's favorable image as a pacesetter for Guangxi's enterprises.

At the award ceremony, in the conversation with the hostess Ouyang Xiadan, Yan voiced his hardship and dream as an entrepreneur. He said, "top 500 enterprises outweigh 500 large-sized enterprises and 500 years outweigh top 500 enterprises", this is a conclusion drawn through market honing. According to the universal law of world development, largeness and smallness is not enterprises' primary pursuit, only cultivating strong core competitiveness is the top priority of corporate development. He thought an entrepreneur needs to be honed all time in order to grow mature, and entrepreneurs show their talent in prosperity and are tested in adversity. People grow in action and become mature in inaction, he added.

In the same day, Yan granted an interview to several media outlets including GXTV.

(Song Yonggeng)

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