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Yuchai Marine Engine discusses management improvement strategy with distributors

To give better play to the role of Yuchai Marine Engine Distributor Council (YMEDC), standardize the management of the marine engine market, enhance the core competitiveness of marine engines, and ensure the healthy and sustained development of marine engine business, on August 15, Yuchai held 2014 Medium-term Marine Engine Distributor Council Meeting at Yuchai Nanning R & D Center. Present were corporate leaders including General Manager Wu Qiwei and Party Secretary Ning Xingyong of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery), relevant staff of the Marine Engine Department of Yuchai Machinery and YMEDC's members.

Under the theme of "standardizing and improving management", the meeting summarized the overall work progress of Yuchai Marine Engine in the first seven months of this year, arranged the work for the second half and discussed how to standardize distributor management.

Amid the industrial slump in the first seven months of this year, Yuchai Marine Engine operated in good conditions with its sales volume up 8 percent year on year and its sales revenues soaring. Large marine engines contributed a lot to sales growth. Thanks to the operation and management innovation of the divisional system, the market share of marine engines was up 3 percent year on year. Besides, according to the situation of marine engine sales in the eight major regions, Zhejiang and Fujian, the northwestern region and Central China fulfilled their annual targets well.

Wu acclaimed the result of marine engine sales rise amid the market slump. As marine engine is a major sector of Yuchai Machinery, efforts should be made to further strength the integrated management of production, supply, sales and overseas operation. Next year, the function of purchase should be included in the Marine Engine Department.

Wu required that the marine engine sector should establish a benchmarking system in such aspects as product, service and quality; should enhance distributor management, clearly position tier-1 & 2 distributors and tighten tier-2 distributor control; and should lose no time in developing the capacity for electric control and seize the opportunity of the implementation of the T3 emission standard.

The meeting discussed issues such as how to give play to the council's role, how to build the distributor team and how to manage tier-2 distributors. The council members actively aired respective views.

At the meeting, Tang Zuoxing, general manager of the Marine Engine Department, analyzed and predicted the market situation in the second half of this year.

(Yang Mingze)

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