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Yuchai's newly-promoted cadres visit Yulin Party Member and Cadre Warning Education Base

To strengthen the clean practice education of the newly-promoted cadres and enhance the awareness of warding off corrosive influence, on August 15, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Yuchai Group organized the middle and senior leaders newly promoted from 2013 to 2014 to visit Yulin Party Member and Cadre Warning Education Base for field anti-corruption education.

The base has four parts: "main hall", "warning hall", "case hall" and "Multimedia Hall ". In vivid forms such as picture presentation, audio and video, and scene experience, the warning education showed the visitors the typical cases of Party members and cadres' violations.

Guided by the interpreter, the newly-promoted cadres felt the serious consequences of violations and learned their educational significance after listening to state leaders' important exposition of anti-corruption, watching cases and the violators' confessions, and experiencing prison simulation.

"The anti-corruption education makes me reflect on myself deeply," said Yao Huaxiong, publicly-elected manager assistant of Engine Plant 5, adding, "These shocking cases always remind us newly-promoted management cadres to stay alert, be self-disciplined, behave honestly and establish our correct outlook on life and values in our new career.

(Liang Pingping)

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