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Yuchai's 5 staff members to learn new foundry technologies in Germany

In early preparation for the study in Germany, on August 22, the HR Department of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) convened the five staff members to study in Germany, including Huang Zonghui, Li Guohua and Li Xiaoju from the Foundry, as well as He Chunhua and Yang Shuanghua from the Manufacturing Technology Department, to discuss issues such as study notes and training agreement signing. Ye Bin, deputy Party secretary of Yuchai Machinery, was present.

According to sources, to implement the requirements of "renovating traditional industries with new technologies, processes and methods to open up a road of new industrialization" proposed by the Party Committee and Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at 2013 Guangxi Industrial Development Conference. The Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have jointly organized a new foundry technology training program for "high-skill manufacturing talents" in Germany this year. The program will involve 16 trainees recommended by autonomous region and municipal equipment manufacturers.

Through efforts, Yuchai eventually got five places. The list of five staff members including Huang Zonghui was recommended by respective units, examined by the company and submitted to the superior department for determination. In Yuchai, they are skilled elitists on respective posts, have worked for about 10 years on average and are loyal to the company.

At the communication meeting, Ye required that the trainees must study with problems and missions based on posts and the company's foundry actualities, know the score and have definite targets. Also, they should take notes carefully, file notes, organize result reports after their return, teach them to colleagues, make what they have learned into courseware and include it in the training courseware library to benefit more staff.

According to sources, the study in Germany will cover five subjects: foundry process, foundry materials, foundry analog simulation, core making and light casting. Before flying to Germany, they will be trained in Nanning for half a month and set out for Germany on September 13.

(Yang Mingze)

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