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85% of Youth Olympic service vehicles carry Yuchai engines, Yuchai provides all-round service

The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games have opened. Of over 3,000 service vehicles for the Games, about 85 percent were powered by Yuchai. To ensure the success of the Games, Yuchai's service team has initiated a smokeless battle of service support.

To ensure the normal operation of Yuchai-powered vehicles during the Games, Yuchai's service team has worked with the Nanjing office to provide Youth Olympic vehicle service lasting more than a month since July 23. Earlier Yuchai's service team had trained drivers of public and passenger transport companies and the maintenance staff of service stations in Nanjing, Lishui and Zhenjiang in such aspects as driving and daily maintenance. Most of Yuchai engines powering Nanjing's buses are national IV and V gas engines and carry Yuchai's independent control systems. Yuchai had reserved parts for all engine series in advance. Besides, Yuchai arranged its service team to conduct meticulous screening and troubleshooting of all vehicles, move into the sites earlier according to the operation lines of Yuchai-powered buses, and provide support in association with local service stations.

According to the support plan, the over 20 persons involved were divided into four groups to troubleshoot buses in Nanjing's passenger stations along with Nanjing's five Yuchai service stations, and duly report and resolve sudden failure. Based on the need of bus support, since early August, Yuchai has established four regular teams stationed at the bus repair plants to assist the five service stations in routine troubleshooting.

Due to early intervention and preparation, and close attention to important points and details, Yuchai's service support has progressed smoothly. Now Yuchai is providing service support intensively. At 6 AM every day, the service manager of the Nanjing office led the expert group for a tour inspection of the stationary points; the stationed members of the service team and technicians of the service stations worked from 6 PM till 4 AM to 5 AM next day to ensure the success of the Games.

(Chen Xiaoxiao/Deng Bo)

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