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Yuchai Group to accelerate project of Ziyang Medium & High-speed Engine Parts Industry Park

At the Sichuan Automobile Industry Development and Investment Forum, Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group, delivered a speech, hoping to deepen cooperation with Sichuan on the existing basis to expand the scale of CSR Yuchai Sichuan Engine Co., Ltd. (YCSR) in Ziyang and accelerate CSR Yuchai's project of medium & high-speed engine parts industry park.

Yan said, with the great attention and the strong support of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Yuchai Ziyang Engine Co., Ltd. was registered and founded in 2008. Coordinated by the CPC Ziyang Municipal Committee and the Ziyang Municipal People's Government, the company was restructured with a joint venture from CSR Group, Yuchai Group and Nanjun Group and was renamed CSR Yuchai Sichuan Engine Co., Ltd. (YCSR). With over 1,200 employees, it has become west China's only manufacturer of medium & high-speed engines for vehicles, locomotives, ships and land generating sets. Its large-power medium-speed engines have been used in fields such as railway, metallurgy and ship in China as well as regions such as Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Africa.

In July 2012, YCSR signed an agreement with Ziyang on the project of medium & high-speed engine parts industry park with an investment of 620 million yuan. To date, early work including land listing and delisting, signing of the land transaction contract, application for the construction land planning permit, geological disaster evaluation, geological exploration of the site and land boundary determination has been completed, application for the land use certificate is under way, the planning, design and construction drawings of 150 mu land of in Phase 1 has been approved and verified, and the first settled project--supercharger joint venture has entered the preparatory stage.

"We sincerely hope to continue deepening cooperation with Sichuan to contribute to the economic construction of Sichuan, especially Ziyang," Yan said. After its completion, the project will develop a parts matching capacity of 200,000 high-speed engines and 800 medium-speed engines, increase its annual sales revenues, taxes & profits and net profit by 2.5 billion yuan, 135 million yuan and 175 million yuan respectively, and create 3,000 jobs.

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