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Yuchai allocates scholarships & grants of nearly 580,000 yuan to staff children this year

On August 26, the award ceremony of "Yuchai Education Scholarships & Grants" and "Yan Ping Education Grants" was held at Yuchai Cultural Center. Present were Ning Xingyong, Party secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.; Guan Min, vice president of Yuchai Group; Guo Deming and Li Tiansheng, deputy Party secretary of Yuchai Group, etc. Li Chengjie, chairman of the Labor Union of Yuchai Group, presided over the ceremony.

At the ceremony, 154 staff children who have passed the national entrance exam got the group scholarships this year. This year saw the greatest number of staff children ever admitted by tier-1 and tier-2 colleges and universities, including 81 admitted by tier-1 colleges and universities and 73 admitted by tier-2 ones. Aiming at schooling difficulty, the group allocated grants to 85 staff children in need. This year, the group allocated total scholarships and grants of 578,400 yuan.

Guo ardently hoped that the staff children who have received scholarships and grants would treasure the hard-won study opportunities, live up to the expectations of their families and the enterprise, and become aspiring, ambitious, knowledgeable and well-educated young people. Yuchai still need a lot of talents for its future development, he said, welcoming them to return after graduation.

(Li Zhiyuan/Chen Xiaoxiao)


Allocating scholarships to the staff children admitted by colleges and universities is a move to reward them for their hard study and encourage education. Due to changes of values and the impact of economic benefit at present, many have doubts about the concept of teaching and education, and the idea of uselessness of study has been rampant. In this context, Yuchai's perseverance in rewarding the staff children admitted by colleges and universities is undoubtedly a strong support for education and provided a hard proof for the proportion that study changes fate.

Child education is not a family affair, but also a concern of the great family of Yuchai. Allocating scholarships is aimed to motivate more students to strive for the best and is actually creating a favorable atmosphere of studying for the best for the great family of Yuchai. Creating a favorable study environment for staff children has dispelled the worries of most staff, promoted community harmony and better aroused staff's passion for devotion.

Awarding outstanding students has planted a seed of gratitude in their hearts. The move can motivate them to study hard and endeavor to succeed to devote themselves to the society and Yuchai in the future.

Allocating grants to needy students to fulfill their dream of schooling is not only an enterprise's conscience, but also its care for staff families. As the famous Chinese saying goes, "Those who give roses to others have lingering fragrance on hands", the enterprise shows love in helping needy students, earns respect from the public and establishes good reputation by doing so. These are the enterprise's intangible assets.

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