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Mayor of Yulin Su Haitang leads delegation to survey Yuchai New Industrial City

On August 20, Mayor Su Haitang and Vice Mayor Feng Xiangying and Qiu Dekui of Yulin led a delegation to survey Yuchai New Industrial City. The delegation conducted a field inspection of the progress of all work and listened to relevant work reports.

Accompanied by leaders of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. including General Manager Wu Qiwei, the delegation headed for Yuchai New Industrial City against the rain to inspect the work related to land quota and the progress of land acquisition.

At the report meeting, persons in charge of the relevant sides such as the Headquarters Office of Yuchai New Industrial City, the CPC Yuzhou District Committee, the CPC Luchuan County Committee and Yuchai Group reported the progress of work such as planning of Yuchai New Industrial City, land acquisition and housing demolition, investment promotion as well as problems to be resolved, and offered suggestions.

The work of Yuchai New Industrial City including project siting, topographic mapping and land use plan examination has been completed, land acquisition and housing demotion in the startup period are being advanced steadily, investment promotion is being unfolded comprehensively, Yuchai has made in-depth negotiations with over 60 enterprises, and 43 suppliers in other cities including ASIMCO and Cummins Turbo Technologies intended to invest in the park.

Su acclaimed the initial results of construction of Yuchai New Industrial City and raised requirements for next-step work. He said, departments at all levels should enhance thinking and understanding, work against the clock and take effective measures to solidly advance the construction of Yuchai New Industrial City; should practically subject themselves to the headquarters' unified leadership, define responsibilities, fulfill tasks and duly coordinate to resolve arising problems; and should make all-out efforts to fix the project land, and accelerate work such as examination and approval of the land quota in the startup period, land plan adjustment and follow-up land acquisition.

(Liang Pingping)

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