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Disciplinary Committee of Yuchai Group holds Anti-corruption Suggestion Exchange & Award Presentation

On September 30, the Disciplinary Committee of Yuchai Group held Anti-corruption Suggestion Exchange & Award Presentation at the meeting room on the fourth floor of Power Building, with the participation of over 60 persons including heads of grass-roots Party organizations, representatives of grass-roots disciplinary committee members and award winners who have offered excellent suggestions. Present were group leaders including Guo Deming and Ye Bin as well as members of the group disciplinary committee. Zhou Jinliang, deputy secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Yuchai Group, presided over the meeting.

To extensively solicit opinions and suggestions on anti-corruption, the group disciplinary committee organized a prize activity of soliciting rational suggestions on anti-corruption from June to August 2014. This is the committee's another new move to constantly intensify anti-corruption building and renovate modes of incorruptible culture building and clean practice education.

Party members, cadres and staff took active part in the activity, and 132 suggestions were solicited from 31 grass-roots Party organizations. The key focuses of these suggestions include developing new report channels, strengthening system and mechanism construction, eliminating private use of government vehicles, renovating modes of tour inspection and intensifying incorruptible culture building. Upon careful evaluation, a list of 3 first-prize winners, 5 second-prize winners and 11 third-prize winners was worked out.

At the exchange meeting, the attendees exchanged ideas and offered advice on issues such as establishing and improving the tour inspection and supervision mechanism, strengthening disciplinary inspection team building and intensifying anti-corruption; and strengthening family incorruptible culture building and establishing the mechanism of key job rotation, so as to provide valuable opinions and suggestions for the group disciplinary committee and grass-roots units to intensify Party style and anti-corruption building in the next period.

Guo Deming, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Yuchai Group, spoke highly of the activity and the attendees' speeches, requiring that the group disciplinary committee and grass-roots Party organizations should take more effective measures to strengthen the clean practice education of Party members and cadres; should intensify the construction of anti-corruption systems and mechanisms, and endeavor to establish a corruption punishment and prevention mechanism under which Party members and cadres dare not be, cannot be and are reluctant to be corrupted; should conduct inspections and report inspection results regularly and seriously punish corruption to seek temporary solutions and root the causes; and should establish information network channels, give play to the role of grass-roots disciplinary inspection committee members and the masses in inspection, and assume the supervisory responsibility of disciplinary committees with an "iron hand" so as to support the group's second startup.

(Tang Cuixia/Yang Mingze)

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