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Yuchai serves 1,000+ buses for Artistic Gymnastic World Championships

Over 1,500 buses were input into the 45th FIG Artistic Gymnastic World Championships Nanning, and about 80 percent were powered by Yuchai engines. To well serve the international sports event, Yuchai established a special working group to serve these buses.

To maintain its image as a green city, Nanning chose more low-emission & pollution new energy buses when upgrading buses. This February, Nanning Baima Public Transport Company purchased 150 YC6G national V LNG buses from Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.; in mid-March, Nanning Public Transport Corporation purchased a batch of national V LNG buses, of which 200 11m buses were powered by YC6G national V engines. There have been over 600 buses powered by gas engines among new energy buses operating in Nanning, 83 percent were powered by Yuchai engines and over 400 hybrid buses were powered by Yuchai gas engines.

Yuchai's service support covered vehicles such as vehicles for the championships, shuttle vehicles and tour buses for officials and gymnasts. Early in September before the opening of the championships, Yuchai initiated service support, established a special working group, worked out a site support scheme, deployed support resources and coordinated the scheme with public transport companies. Yuchai's service station and support group in charge of service support were divided into the technical service support group and the parts and vehicle support group. The technical service group inspected all vehicles, especially intake and exhaust system, fuel supply system, ignition system and electric system. To sharpen service skills of workers from public transport companies' repair shops, Yuchai Customer Service Center and Yuchai Guangxi Office jointly organized the training for gas engine fault diagnosis and elimination in mid-September.

Besides, Yuchai transferred the staff of technical departments such as R & D Center, Applied Development Department and Quality Improvement Department to provide technical support.

During the championships, the service support group needed to maintain close communication with the organizing committee and public transport companies to grasp the situation of vehicle operation in real time. To handle any arising engine fault at the earliest possible time and fast resolve problems, Yuchai conducted elaborate deployment, and selected seasoned technical staff who had served events such as Guangzhou Asian Games and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games into the service group. Also, Yuchai arranged on-site service and mobile service on the five special lines. Parts storage was indispensible to the service support, too. Yuchai stored over 1 million yuan worth of parts for gas engines in operation and equipped every Yuchai-powered bus with a parts kit.

(Yang Mingze/Guangxi Daily)

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