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Yuchai 1st Woman Worker Skill Contest to kick of

On October 13, the Labor Union of Yuchai Group convened grass-roots woman worker committees for a meeting at the meeting room on the third floor of Yuchai Cultural Center to make arrangement for the 1st Woman Worker Skill Contest. The meeting confirmed information such as the contest's schedule and invigilation, and released competition notes.

According to sources, the contest will kick off on the night of October 15, involves three categories--mechanical testing, internal combustion engine assembly and crane operation (ground operation) and has attracted over 200 women workers.

According to Chen Jinyuan, president of Yuchai Technician Association and Yuchai Science & Technology Association, Yuchai Group has a huge woman worker team, the contest is intended to display women workers' talents and create a training platform for them. To give full play to women workers' energy of innovation and benefit creation, we have built a "woman worker innovation studio" and will motivate women workers to participate in innovation and improve innovation ability through the woman worker innovation studio and the woman worker skill contest, so as to create more achievements for corporate development.

According to sources, to bring women workers' skills into full play, members of the woman worker innovation studio have given trainings to the entrants of Yuchai Group's subsidiaries after work.

(Yang Mingze)

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