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Which engine manufacturer is strongest--Micro-blog legal person interview group of 11 central media outlets visits Yuchai

On October 16, a micro-blog legal person interview group of 11 central media outlets including People's Daily, Economic Daily, CCTV News,, Sina and visited Yuchai Group for an interview on the economic situation themed "Seeing confidence from enterprises".

That afternoon, the interview group visited Yuchai's heavy engine assembly & commissioning line and the Test Center of Yuchai R & D Center. "It takes only 24 hours from engine assembly to engine delivery, a unit rolls offline every three minutes, an engine is composed of over 1,600 parts, each unit has its management archives, the names of the staff assembling certain parts are available for queries" According to sources, Yuchai owns over 1,500 patents and several patents for invention have filled domestic technical gaps. In 2011, Yuchai developed the countrys first Euro VI diesel engine, keeping pace with advanced world standards and pioneering the green revolution of the engine industry.

At the reception, Yan answered media questions about energy conservation and emission reduction, second startup, social responsibility, human resources, development planning, etc. According to Yan, Yuchai Group has always taken "Green Development & Harmony Win-win" as the core concept and taken upon itself to "become the controller of the largest mobile pollution source". Compared to traditional engines, Yuchai hybrid engines can save vehicle fuel by 30 percent. If a vehicle runs 100,000 kilometers per year, 12,000 liters of fuel can be saved. If 2,000 such engines are launched on the market annually, 63,600 tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced. Besides, as the developer and manufacturer of China's first Euro VI diesel engine prototype, to cope with the Euro VI emission standard to come into effect in Beijing in 2015, Yuchai has included Euro VI products in its development plan in 2014 and which are expected to be launched this year or next.

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