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Yuchai makes clean sweep of top three in Yulin Tryout of Guangxi Skill Master Contest

On October 16, the Summary and Award Conference of Yulin Tryout of Guangxi Skill Master Contest & Yuchai Worker Skill Contest was held at Yuchai. According to the source, Yuchai made a clean sweep of the top three individual awards in the Yulin Tryout of Guangxi Skill Master Contest. And the tryout's group awards went to Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited and Yulin Yanjing Brewery.

Lu Daodong presented awards to the winners

The tryout was organized by the Yulin Federation of Trade Unions, the Yulin Municipal Commission of Industry and Information, the Yulin Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Yulin Municipal People's Government, the Yulin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Yuchai Group. 75 contestants from various industries entered for three categories: welder, computer (microcomputer) debugger and forklift operator, including 65 from Yuchai and 10 from other entities. Yuchai's 9 contestants including Lan Yigang, Tang Zhiping, Yang Jian, Zhao Tiande, Liang Ka, Deng Yuanyun, Liang Xiangfan, Lu Qianshan and He Haixian won the top three awards in corresponding categories, thus being honored as "Yulin Skill Masters" and having their professional qualifications promoted to the next higher level.

Apart from welder, computer (microcomputer) debugger and forklift operator, Yuchai Worker Skill Contest also involved bench worker, maintenance electrician and processing center. The top three winners of the bench worker category were Li You and He Hongyong of Tools Manufacturing Plant and Tang Chuanyong of Foundry; the top three winners of the maintenance electrician category were Zhang Jincheng of Engine Plant 5 and Gan Fu and Wu Jun of Foundry; the top three winners of the processing center category were Li Chengwen of Engine Plant 5, Yu Kun of Engine Plant 3 and Li Maojun of Tools Manufacturing Plant. The first and second place winners of six categories were honored as "Yuchai Technical Pacesetters" and "Yuchai Technical Masters".

Each category included a theory test and practical operation. The contest began on July 23 with the theory tests held that night and followed by practical operation. After four days' competition, the results rolled out.

Lu Daodong, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and vice chairman of the Yulin Federation of Trade Unions, attended the conference and delivered a speech, raising requirements for high-skill talent training. He required that all entities should fully realize the importance of improving workers' qualities, and actively create conditions for workers' growth and career success in forms such as technical innovation, skill competition and job-related training so as to comprehensively improve workers' qualities; that workers should initiatively adjust themselves to the development of the times and strive to be learning-oriented, knowledge-based, skill-oriented and expert-type workers; and that labor unions at all levels should give play to their role as "big schools" to build high-caliber worker teams.

(Huang Zhirong)

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