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Yuchai promotes strategic cooperation with HNU

On October 31, a delegation of three members including Liu Jian, assistant to dean of the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University (HNU MVE) and associate professors Tan Ligang and E Jiaqiang visited Yuchai to discuss how to effectively promote the strategic cooperation between Yuchai and HNU. Ye Bin, deputy Party secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery), attended the discussion.

To further promote cooperation in fields such as R & D, talent training and graduate employment, Yuchai Machinery signed a strategic cooperation agreement with HNU this March. On behalf of Yuchai, Ye signed the all-round strategic cooperation agreement, the scholarship management agreement and the practice base construction agreement with HNU MVE, the Student Affairs Department of HNU and the Dean's Office of HNU respectively. Under the strategic cooperation agreement, on the basis of existing cooperation, Yuchai will cooperate with HNU in a wide range of fields like research, talent training, information exchange and sharing to enhance enterprise-university-institute cooperation.

The delegation said the visit is aimed to find out Yuchai's demands to mobilize superior resources and provide precise services based on the demands, thus promoting the implementation of the strategic cooperation; and to guide HNU's trainees of Yuchai Master Program in graduation projects to build confidence for talent training in the next period. During the discussion, Tan expressed the desire to do postdoctoral research at Yuchai.

Ye said Yuchai will work with HNU on talent recruitment and training. The two sides can make full communication in details such as faculty, teaching plan and curriculum setting to make talent training more targeted and effective. While cooperating in talent training, the two sides should create exchange platforms for high-level talents. Yuchai welcomes HNU to Yuchai for postdoctoral research.

Prior to the discussion, E trained and instructed the trainees of Yuchai Master Program in paper title, abstract and writing.

(Yang Mingze)

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