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YHI's Y50 hydraulic excavator project included in 2014 National Key New Product Program

The Ministry of Science and Technology has recently released the 2014 National Key New Product Program. The "YC50 hydraulic excavator" project of Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited (YHI) was included in this program.

YC50 hydraulic excavator is a leading one among similar domestic products independently developed and manufactured by YHI. The hydraulic system uses an industrially advanced constant power throttle control system, and carries several pumps which supply oil in parallel to ensure that the speed of single action and multiple actions is not affected; the power system uses a high-performance imported engine with strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise and small vibration; an anti-impact shock absorber is added to the engine to effectively reduce vibration and protect the engine and related parts from impact and collision; the frame uses an X-type structure with low center of gravity, high strength and good reliability; the independently designed driving wheel transmits power stably and reliably; the monitoring system uses a digital combination instrument which is easy to use and highly reliable; the electronic control system reserves a GPS interface for remote monitoring of the excavator's operation parameters; the driving cab in more humanized design has achieved greater breakthrough in such aspects as interior decoration, operation space, operation and monitoring convenience and comfort; the working mechanism has a fast changer via which auxiliary working devices can be assembled and disassembled easily and rapidly to accomplish diversified operations.

According to the source, a total of five enterprises from Guangxi were included in the 2014 National Key New Product Program.

(Yao Jian)

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