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Yuchai organizes delegation for CIAME 2014

On October 28, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2014 (CIAME 2014) opened at the Wuhan International Expo Center. Yuchai showed up with a strong lineup of nine agricultural machinery engines.

At Yuchai's booth, five new national III agricultural machinery engines (YC6MK400-T30, YC6J190-T300, YC6J175-T330, YC4G175-T330 and YC4A160-T330) attracted great attention. Many customers visited the booth and inquired about relevant technical parameters and matching situation. These engines ranging from 55hp to 420p are all up to leading domestic standards and have many advantages such as high reliability, strong power, low fuel consumption, low emission and maintenance convenience compared to similar products.

This time, Yuchai organized a delegation consisting of Sales Company, Department of Applied Development, R & D Center, Quality Department, Planning Department and Purchase Department for the exhibition, so as to negotiate with and learn from other exhibitors in service, business, technology, planning, R & D and parts purchase. The delegation was divided into several groups which worked in coordination. Yuchai took the opportunity to further broaden its vision, deepen its understanding of industrial development and promote Yuchai brand so as to lay a solid foundation for the development of Yuchai's agricultural machinery business next year and in the future.

According to the source, with an exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, the exhibition brought together some 1,700 enterprises from over 40 countries and attracted more than 100,000 visitors. As a representative and forward-looking exhibition in the industry, it presents new products, technologies and concepts of agricultural machinery manufacturers, and reflects the domestic and global trends of agricultural machinery. It is a great exchange stage for systems such as agricultural production, circulation, use and research, as well as agricultural machinery administration, appraisal and popularization.

(Liang Guanping)

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