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Micro-blog legal person interview group of central media "sees confidence" from Yuchai

On the afternoon of October 16, a micro-blog legal person interview group of 11 central media outlets including People's Daily, Economic Daily, CCTV News and visited Yuchai for an interview on the economic situation themed "Seeing confidence from enterprises". Among the interviewees were corporate leaders including Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group; Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) and Zhou Sunhai, vice president of Yuchai Group; as well as production workers and R & D staff.

Yan and other corporate leaders answered the journalists' concerns such as transformation and upgrading, system construction, talent reserves, environmental protection and future development, expressing the responsibility of a Chinese independent brand for revitalizing national industry, its rational thought on and firm confidence in national policies.

The journalist of The Beijing News first raised a question about emission upgrading. Yan said that every emission upgrading prescribed by state laws and regulations is a very severe challenge to enterprises, which means preparations should be made for R & D five years earlier. The country has implemented the national IV emission standard this year, but Yuchai launched national IV engines early in 2008, you can imagine how earlier our preparations are. In this respect, Yuchai can even be referred to as a propellant of national engine emission upgrading. Now Yuchai is ahead of its domestic peers in R & D level, Yuchai's emission upgrading has made a remarkable contribution to air environment improvement, so that Yuchai has had a market inventory of over 5 million units and held a share of nearly 60 percent in the bus market.

Subsequently, the journalist of China Business News asked the impact of national economic restructuring on the enterprise. Yan said a good enterprise never fears economic restructuring. Of course the challenge from the impact of economic transformation and upgrading on the engine industry can be described as "labor pains" which will eliminate a large number of low-emission enterprises but help enterprises purify external environment. Development speed is not most important, it is more important to build up a solid foundation for competition and work steadily. Now Yuchai needs to adjust corporate strategies to national changes in order to gain an edge at the beginning of transformation and upgrading.

Referring to development, Yan mentioned Yuchai's "second startup" plan. The reason for proposing the concept of "second startup" in the new development plan is that Yuchai needs to readjust the strategic plan of the whole channel to accept something and reject something; and needs to create a platform to bring people together and stimulate team vitality. During implementing the plan, Yuchai needs to make great efforts on talent and resource reserves.

When asked the sources of confidence in fulfilling the future plan, Yan said there are two sources: I The core business sector--engine which maintained positive growth amid the industrial slump from January to September as a quality sector of Yuchai; II Other business sectors such as petrochemical.

Wu and Sun also granted interviews. Wu told how Yuchai faces competition pressure and Zhou introduced Yuchai New Industrial City.

Previously the interview group had visited the engine assembly workshop of Engine Plant 5 and the test center of Yuchai R & D Center, interviewing the workers and staff about tooling and technology, takt time, output and R & D. Leaders of the Network Security and Informatization Leadership Group Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Publicity Department of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and the Party Committee of Yuchai Group received the group.

(Chen Xiaoxiao)

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