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How does Yuchai develop "loyal fans"

Just like stars, automotive products also have their "loyal fans". Shenyang Anyun Group is exactly the most "loyal fan" of Yuchai engines in Liaoning's passenger transport market: Anyun's over 200 tour buses and over 1,800 city buses are uniformly equipped with Yuchai engines and Anhui demanded Yuchai engines for upgraded buses.

"Over 1,000 engines operated in good conditions for seven years without any overhaul"

Anyun Group is known to all in the three northeastern provinces. The buses purchased by the major transport group and bus equipment used by it are often market weathervanes in Shenyang and Liaoning.

The cooperation between Anyun and Yuchai started at the time when Anyun entered the public transport field. "We purchased the first batch of 126 buses for operation in 2007, all of which were powered by Yuchai engines," said Zhao Youming, manager of Shenyang Anyun Tour Bus Co., Ltd. This was the first time for Anyun to use Yuchai engines in large volume. As Yuchai's share in Shenyang market had previously been nearly zero, Zhao had butterflies in the stomach. "As a result, Yuchai Liaoning Office promised to be responsible for any product problem anytime, which dispelled my worry," he added.

With good feel from first use, Anyun naturally prefer Yuchai engines to other brands in future purchase. Years of facts made Zhao gasp in admiration, "Over 1,000 engines operated in good conditions without any overhaul!"

"I will never use products with good quality but poor service"

Apart from outstanding product quality, Yuchai's services have been recognized by passenger transport enterprises. The key to Yuchai's high and stable share in Anyun is its outstanding pre-sales and after-sales services. "Some parts manufacturers made good commitments early, but could not honor them at all later. I will never use products with good quality but poor service".

"No parts can avoid faults, the key is service attitude and level," Zhao said. Once the engine of a tour bus of Anyun broke down in Dalian due to the new driver's improper operation. There were no such engine in Shenyang and Dalian then and it would take at least one week to transport one from the headquarters of Yuchai Machinery. After learning there are some in Changchun, Jilin Province, in order not to delay bus operation, Yuchai Liaoning Office sent a person to Changchun that night. Early the next morning, the engine appeared in Anyun's receiving and dispatching office.

"A bus has at least hundreds of pieces of parts, but there are few suppliers matching Yuchai in service." To Zhao, satisfying customer demand and going beyond customer expectation reflect service level.

"Use of good things leads to lower maintenance cost"

Anyun is the only profit-making public transport enterprise in Shenyang. As is known to all, it is commendable for a public transport enterprise to break even, let alone make a profit, because urban public transport is a public welfare industry.

Zhao told a "secret": use of good things leads to little costs. When many enterprises pay attention to bus purchase costs only, Anyun values how much money can be saved after purchase. "A good engine carries high initial purchase cost, but its use cost will be far lower than the purchase cost and the risk of operation suspension can be avoided," Zhao said, adding, "You know, one-day suspension of a bus will generate a loss of 1,000 yuan and an overhaul takes one week!"

According to sources, Anyun's bus attendance is highest compared to Shenyang's other public transport companies and was up to 98 percent last year. According to Zhao, Anyun's first batch of buses has operated for 7 years without any overhaul.

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