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Yuchai's 200+ engines get into gear for APEC meeting

The APEC meeting has recently been wrapped up. Following the NPC and CPPCC annual sessions, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. provided full-process support to the meeting once again. More than 85 percent of the designated service vehicles for the meeting were powered by Yuchai.

According to the source, about 210 service vehicles designated by the organizer were powered by Yuchai, including 10 reception vehicles powered by YC6L engine which were used to receive internal leaders and journalists at the main venue along the Yanqi Lake, 110 vehicles powered by YC6L engine which were used to transport leaders at Bird's Nest, as well as 90 vehicles powered by YC6J/YC6G/YC6A/YC6L/6MK engines which were used to transport leaders and attendees between hotels and the venue. Besides, to ensure transport capacity, about 600 Yuchai-powered buses operated in Huairou.

"As the organizer was critical of service vehicles, Yuchai was very careful in product R & D, quality and safety," said Liu Ming, director of Yuchai Beijing Office. As Yuchai engines were used on service vehicles for major conventions all year around, Yuchai has adhered to the quality concept of "normalization and long effectiveness"; while ensuring product quality, Yuchai has been striving to extend the life cycle of products.

To better support the APEC meeting, Yuchai not only increased product performance and reaction speed, but also improved product quality to enhance its international influence. Liu told the reporter, "Due to the great number and wide distribution of Yuchai-powered service vehicles for the meeting, leaders and attendees from 21 countries fully felt the development of Chinese independent brands and experienced quality Yuchai engines, so as to boost the role and influence of Chinese independent brands in the international market."

"As the meeting and activity sites were fixed and accommodations were relatively concentrated, Yuchai's service stations were distributed more densely. This is based on the requirements of the meeting and organizer," Liu said.

According to the source, the APEC meeting was mainly held at China National Conference Center and the Yanqi Lake in Huairou. To ensure meeting service, Yuchai set up 24-hour service points in the two places and sent relevant technical and after-sales service staff to cope with any arising emergency.

(Pang Geping/Cao Lu/

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