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Yuchais Counteroffensive Tale in Gansu

The service of Yuchai machinery is perfect without any defect and you are truly to find anything wrong, said Huang Tiansheng, vice general manager of Jiuquan Automobile Transportation Corporation and manager of Jiuquan Passenger Transport Co., ltd when he received an interview from the journalist of Commercial Vehicle News. This is also the everlasting theme in the visit for the Gansu market by Yuchai Group. Each interviewee highly praised the service of Yuchai Machinery besides their affirmation for the excellent quality for the machine.

According to introduction, nearly 1400 of the whole over 1700 passenger vehicles sold in this January to September were equipped with Yuchai engines. No one could imagine the breakthrough facing the above praise and the data from the few market shares, three years ago in the province. Particularly, the large bus over 12m in length was rarely to be sold out then. However, a reversal has been realized within a short three years and 95% of the newly -imported vehicles are equipped with the machinery of Yuchai at present thanks to its almost perfect and impressive services.

Sturdy and Durable Engine Tailored for Northwest

Populus diversfolia, with its immortality, symbolizes the beautiful and stubborn life of Northwest region, which also reflects the harsh living environment of the area .The complex, various topography and climates are great ordeal for the vehicles and engines in the northwestern province. Just in this place, Yuchai machinery obtains the praise of sturdy and durability.

The Yuchai machinery is just like the tailored products for the northwest and thus the many people here select it, said Huang Tiansheng. Even in a severely cold weather under-30 in winter Yuchai Engine still has excellent performance. According to introduction, Jiuquan Passenger Transport Co., Ltd owns nearly 140 passenger cars including 89 shuttle buses and about 90% of the 47 sightseeing buses in its affiliated Shenzhou Tourist Co., Ltd are equipped with Yuchai engines. The current Yuchai product series are completed and could basically cover all the vehicle types. And our tractors accept the engine with above 300Hp more and more. Presently, the vehicles above 300Hp including all gas fired vehicles basically adopt the engines of Yuchai. Said Huang Tiansheng.

In purchasing vehicles, Jiuquan Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. focuses on the stability, reliability, economical efficiency and after-sales service of engines. However, Yuchai machinery is the most stable regarding its whole performance among all the brands of engines. Stability and reliability is called sturdy and durability by the people of the northwestern area. Huang Tiansheng said, the selection for a long-lived engine is even more important in a bad situation for the service of passenger transport. The recognition of customer is the most important thing and in my view, Yuchai engines are the best. The special golden tourist routes like the Dunhuang and Zhangye are nearly all equipped with the gas light engine of Yuchai.

All almost 300 vehicles including 185 city buses and 90 passenger cars of Zhangye Chengyun Public Transport Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Zhangye Public Transport) adopt Yuchai engines. We only appoint engine and Yuchai engine is the only appointed product by us due to the concern for the control of cost, introduced by Jing Limin, vice manager of Zhangye Public Transport. As a public transportation company, we must control cost as possible as we can. We never intend to repair our vehicles for the since purchase but we will maintain the vehicles instead until to the date of abandonment after eight years. Therefore, Yuchai engines become our first choice thanks to their sturdy, durability with reliable quality.

All the various branded dumpers in the mining of Qilian Mountain will select Yuchai engine due to its prominent performance compared with other bad engines, which is comparably adaptable to such severe environment. Added by Ma Guangyuan, general manager of Yuhong Automobile Maintenance Co., Ltd in Jiuquan.

Huang Tiansheng also thought the engine of Yuchai has obvious economic efficiency and the engines of 100-300hp hold particular advantage, which can save much fuel cost and maintenance for customers and therefore become the first choice for customers. Moreover, the gas engine of Yuchai has same outstanding performance. For instance, when all the vehicles of Jiuquan Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. adopt the engines of Yuchai, the oil cost only needs 120Yuan for one-hundred kilometers compared to the former cost of 180-220 Yuan.

Jing limin also expressed that the fuel cost has accounted for about 50% of the general expenses of the operation of his company. So, the fuel-saving engine is a must. For example, the 90Kw Yuchai engine equipped in the Dongfeng coach of Zhangye public transportation is even more economical compared with another branded 80Km engine formerly equipped.

To tell the truth, I have feelings with Yuchai. Said Jing limin. When he drove his long-haul coach equipped with Yuchai engine, he found the engine was durable compared with other weak branded engines used in the same route in the same period. His Yuchai engine didnt received a repair even after a mileage of 0.9 million kilometers. In addition, it could only consumed an oil cost of 400 Yuan daily. While, other people will cost 650 Yuan per day. What they more cost is all for nothing and The saved oil consumption is what I gain, said Jing limin, when he mentioned the past and still laugh happily.

Flexible Service Offers More Kindness Besides Humanity

The service offered by Yuchai is flexible with kindness, said Yan Jingping, supervisory board chairman, discipline inspection commission secretary and chairman of the labor union. He thought the service of Yuchai offers more perfect service compared to other finished automobile plants and the service of the group is wonderful without any defects regularly seen in the service provided by other finished automobile and parts factories.

There are over 600 passenger and public transport vehicles in Dingxi Traffic Automobile Group and nearly 90% of these vehicles are equipped with Yuchai engines. As for the more than 100 vehicles of Dingxi Passenger Transport Co., Ltd directly under the management of the group, almost all the vehicles are equipped with Yuchai engines apart from several old ones. In addition, more than 30 vehicles purchased by the newly-established public transportation co., Ltd. affiliated to the group are also totally equipped with Yuchai engine. Yan Jingping pointed that in consideration of the vehicle purchase by the branch companies of the group, most of the companies will select the engines of Yuchai from the two branded finished vehicles and engines commonly appointed by the group.

Yan Jingping pointed out that the high market share of Yuchai machinery in Dingxi Public Transport Co., Ltd is mostly due to its fast service. Dingxi is a mountainous area and Yuchai engine is a suitable choice thanks to its advanced technology, large power and suitable oil consumption for the driving in the mountainous area. But, the service is the critical factor. Yan Jingping said, as a user, after-sales service is the first and essential factor should be concerned. Only affirming the service of Yuchai, can we purchase the products of Yuchai.

The service of Yuchai is the most outstanding across the country and it isnt flattery. Most of our engines are made by Yuchai due to its excellent service provided by Yuchai Service Station in Jiuquan. Further, its timeliness is particularly worthy to be learned by the enterprise like us. Huang Tiansheng expressed that also as a service provider in the past, he had deep feeling for the service of Yuchai, which truly implemented client- oriented philosophy in the industry and offered a moving service.

The services provided by Yuchai are listed by the customer in Gansu, which include ready service, efficiently and timely solving problems, fully supplied parts and the training in place etc. The reasons for us to select Yuchai products owing to its big market share in northwest, mature and reliable products, kindness based on humanity service, said Jing Limin. Its easy to deal with the staff of Yuchai, which always concerns the thinking of users and could do what they are capable.

Zhangye No.1 Auto maintenance Service Co., Ltd. acts as the service providers for the finished vehicle factory like Shaanxi Automobile Group, the engine plant like Yuchai, as well as the parts of tire and transmission from other parts factories. Its general manager Zhao Chengdong spoke bluntly he was the relative of Yuchai. He thoroughly understood the products, services and enterprise philosophy of Yuchai. They always provide special service for special thing and fast treatment for the things needing quick solution. We also have another long-haul passenger transportation company, in which nearly 90% of the engines are from Yuchai, he said.

We often invite Mr. Luo, service engineer of Yuchai in the northwest area to train us and the big conference room with over 200 seats are nearly completely occupied each time. Mr. Luo also answers the questions proposed by the trainees in the interaction, said Jing Limin, Yuchai conducts a wonderful training service and other factories fail to do such things even if they have specify the training in the bidding documents. Yuchai is only one to offer a ready service. Yan Jingping also expressed that the training for new technology shall be kept pace with concerning quickly-developed engine technology and endlessly emerged new skills in now days, which is also the key part of service. In this respect, Yuchai does a good job.

Mr. Huang has been in touch with the early Yuchai 6105 engine about 20 years ago as a service provider. In the short period of 20 years, the rapidly-developed group has remembered by the eyes of Mr. Huang, the superior service plays a critical role in promoting the development of Yuchai. Therefore, all people want to buy the products of Yuchai. The development of Yuchai cannot be inseparable with its service ideas and Im sure to visit the company if I have such an opportunity, he said.

Excellent Service from a Harsh Environment in Gansu

We have become familiar with the last director of Guansu office of Yuchai several years ago to the present. We have a good relationship with them and they moved us a lot, said Jing Limin. The good public praise of the office of Yuchai in Gansu is could not be parted with the endeavors of the employees before and after.

The northwest area feature harsh natural condition and arduous living conditions. However, the employees there still present their enthusiasm and the visit for the province of Gansu, the report of Commercial Vehicle news deeply felt that the director of the office of Yuchai in Gansu is a workaholic. Although we have heard the nice deeds of the last several leaders there for their hard work, the newly -appointed one have gone through every part of the province only within several months.

Based on quality and the celebrated service, the coach power of Yuchai nearly monopolizes the entire market of Gansu in the short several years holding an absolute ascendant position. According to li Canjie, director of the office of Yuchai in Gansu, apart from weak market share in Tianshui, the products of Yuchai nearly hold the whole market of engines. But just three years ago, few Yuchai products could be seen in the place. Taking Lanzhou Public Transport as an example, it didnt use any Yuchai engine three years ago. But in the past three years, all the upgraded vehicles adopted Yuchai engines, he added.

As for passenger transportation market, li Canjie pointed out the four passenger transport companies of the total six ones in the province of Gansu have totally selected Yuchai engines for their new buses in recent years. Concerning the newly-purchased dominated Yutong bus and Higer bus by the province in the past two years, almost all the Yutong buses adopt the engine of Yuchai and the Higer bus, apart from few district, basically choose Yuchai engine as its power.

Yuchai will welcome its bigger new chances I the public traffic markets in the suburb and counties in the next step. Along with the implementation of the national , the change of the requirements of customers(low price will not be the sole factor in purchasing vehicles) and the shortened gap between our product with other competitive engines, we are sure to replace them in the coach of about six meters in length in the urban-rural passenger transport markets by our quality and service, analyzed by li Canjie.

On the other hand, along with the continually implemented strong market competition of the 6MK and 6K engines, Yuchai is also accelerating the achievement for the market share of other competitive products concerning the coach of over 12m in length. Li Canjie shows full belief for a much better performance of the Products of Yuchai in the market of Gansu.

(Source: Commercial Vehicle News  Written by: Xue Yapei)

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