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[Marine Power Special] Service is critical to market success
-Unveil the mystery of rapid development of Yuchai Marine Engine's distributor Yicheong

Founded in December 2004, headquartered in Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Yicheong Power Co. Ltd. (Yicheong) is currently China's most professional manufacturer of homemade diesel generating sets, gas generating sets and marine power propulsion systems. These were quoted from Yicheong's profile. It is also known as the largest distributor of Yuchai Marine Engine.

"We established the business department in 2010 to sell Yuchai products in Guangdong. Thanks to the strong competitiveness of Yuchai products, our annual sales of Yuchai products have soared from over 500,000 yuan in the beginning to over 100 million yuan this year, we believe Yuchai products will create greater development space for us," Luo Jian, general manager of Yicheong, said without preamble.

Luo Jian, general manager of Yicheong

According to the source, in recent years, Yicheong has achieved brilliant sales as an agent for Yuchai's marine power products with its sales growing by over 50 percent annually. This year, its sales will exceed 100 million yuan.

Luo attributed the company's outstanding performance to two factors: I The market opportunity is huge as there were few marine power brands in Guangdong at that time. II The opponents' product platforms were old, such as Steyr series. Yuchai's marine power products based on the new technical platform have features such as fuel conservation, environmental friendliness, high efficiency and reliability.

"Products using new technologies must replace those using old technologies, and the country's requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection must be met with products using new technologies," Luo said.

Hong Kong customer volunteers to be spokesperson

Yuchai's marine power products have gradually grown in Guangdong and radiated to Hong Kong. 70 percent of Hong Kong's fishing vessels fabricated in Guangdong were powered by Yuchai YC6T and YC6C engines.

Speaking of Yicheong's entry into the Hong Kong fishing vessel market, Luo felt somewhat lucky. A Hong Kong customer originally used Cummins products a couple of years ago but turned to Yuchai later. After use, the customer told Yicheong that Yuchai products saved fuel substantially by 40 percent and 50 percent.

Luo was amazed at the customer's feedback. To him, Yuchai products are trustworthy in fuel conservation but can save fuel by about 10 percent at most.

Through word-of-mouth promotion among customers and Yicheong's promotional conferences, Yuchai's marine power products opened the Hong Kong market.

Afterwards Luo learned that the Hong Kong customer used the old products of a high-end brand before using Yuchai's products with new technologies, and the economy gap was obvious upon comparison.

Overwhelm opponents through outstanding services

Luo had his own view on the market prospect: with the upgrading of emission regulations, the marine sector of the gas engine market will have huge potential and all-out efforts should be made to develop major customers of onshore generating sets.

How to make Yicheong enjoy absolute superiority in Guangdong's marine power market?

Luo answered definitely, "We must overwhelm opponents through outstanding services." He planned to separate service from sales and take service as a key task.

According to Yuan Huibo, HR director of Yicheong, the demand of Guangdong's marine power market is robust, the high quality of Yuchai's marine power products is obvious, and the bottleneck of our development is just service. To expand our market, we must enhance customer satisfaction greatly. To this end, we must make great efforts on parts storage and supply, and improve service staff's skills, service attitude and service efficiency.

According to the source, Yicheong has divided Guangdong into five regions, and built service outlets with service staff, service vehicles and parts in each region, so as to occupy the promising marine power after market.

"We will consider creating added value for customers instead of selling products to them only, such as providing systematic technical solutions and one-stop sales services (selling other ship machines with marine engines)," Yuan envisaged the company's future.

"Our team should be aggressive, combative and ever-victorious, and every market opportunity is our target." This is a word I heard in the interview. Service will perhaps be the stunt with which this wolf dominates the market in the future.

(Yang Mingze)

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