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Yuchai Group Testing Master Technicians Workroom inaugurated

On November 19, Yuchai Group Testing Master Technicians Workroom was established. General Manager Wu Qiwei, Party Secretary Ning Xingyong and Acting Vice General Manager Tan Guirong of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery); as well as Chen Jinyuan, president of Yuchai Technician Association and Yuchai Science & Technology Association inaugurated the workroom.

As Yuchai's 10th of its kind, the cross-platform workroom covers Yuchai Group's overall quality work. Its establishment will be more conducive to Yuchai's quality control and testing skill trainings covering the entire group and supplier system.

At the inaugural ceremony, Wu noted that quality is largely improved through the system and testing level; we need the system and the professional quality inspection team to continuously improve the quality of mass-manufactured products. We have added a lot of sophisticated inspection and testing equipment to our quality departments and plants, but hardware is not enough, we must also improve greatly in software such as skills. The workroom shoulders the heavy duty of improving hardware and software synchronously, and targets Yuchai Machinery, its subsidiaries and suppliers as well as other subsidiaries of Yuchai Group. Hopefully the workroom's establishment will bring the group's quality inspection to a new level and promote the quality upgrading of Yuchai.

Following the ceremony, the delegation led by Wu visited the workroom and the workshop of the parts testing section, and discussed technical problems with the testing masters while watching their demonstration.

(Shen Jiajin)

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