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550! Yutong Buses Equipped with Yuchai Engines Exported to the Middle East

At the beginning of the new year, Yuchai's overseas markets have delivered good news. 550 Yutong buses equipped with Yuchai engines are exported to the Middle East, of which 300 mid-to-high-end highway buses have been delivered to Riyadh, a garden city in Saudi Arabia, and the remaining 250 will also be delivered successively. The 300 road buses delivered so far will be put into the long-distance public passenger line in Riyadh, helping Saudi Arabia to upgrade the quality of public transportation.

It is reported that Yutong buses exported to the Middle East are equipped with Yuchai YC6MK, a high-horsepower diesel engine, which can be said that "good steel should be used on the cutting edge". The Middle East has harsh climatic conditions with perennial drought and high temperatures. It has higher requirements on the safety, power and comfort of imported vehicles. The YC6MK can adapt to hot weather, long mileage, high intensity, and mountainous operation. It can not only improve the safety and comfort of the vehicle, but also provide strong power. And its low fuel consumption can also provide a strong guarantee for the economy of vehicle operation.

The smooth delivery of Yuchai bus engine further demonstrates the strong product strength and competitiveness of YC DIESEL, and also makes China‘s engine enjoy a good reputation in the international market. Yuchai has been deeply engaged in overseas markets. Up to now, Yuchai has ranked first in the export share of bus engines in the industry.

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