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Yuchai is Busy Closing Deals at Canton Fair 2023

On April 15, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair 2023") officially kicked off in Guangzhou. At the Canton Fair, Yuchai showcased the core products of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuchai Marine and Genset Power") and YUCHAI HEAVY INDUSTRY to global customers, demonstrating Yuchai's creation and China's strength to the world.

The Canton Fair 2023 is the largest in history. The Canton Fair is an important platform for China's all-round opening up, and for promoting the high-quality development of international trade, and facilitating the "dual circulation" of domestic and overseas markets. Taking advantage of this platform, Yuchai will further explore overseas markets and enhance the influence and penetration of Yuchai brand in overseas markets, to demonstrate its strength in seizing overseas markets with high-quality products and power solutions.

Yuchai Marine and Genset Power showcased three G-drive engine models (i.e. YC16VTDG, YCTH28, and YCV2.5L), attracting many purchasing teams to take photos, and professional purchasers from South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries for consultation. At the fair, Yuchai Marine and Genset Power obtained nearly 200 potential orders, and reached the intention of cooperation with more than 30 companies.

YC16VTDG is a high-pressure gas genset equipped with YC16VTD2000N engine independently developed by Yuchai. With a rated power of 1,100 kW and a capacity of 1,375 kVA, the genset is widely applicable to natural gas distributed energy, biogas, and coalbed methane and other power generation customers, and has broad market prospects in gas power generation projects.

YCTH28 is suitable for the gensets with a prime power of 800 kW and a standby power of 900 kW. This product features high reliability and durability, low fuel consumption, low noise, and low maintenance cost, making it an ideal engine for main or standby emergency power supply in high-end commercial centers, airports and large hospitals, as well as high-end manufacturing and communication industries.

YCV2.5L is suitable for the gensets with a prime power of 30 kW and a standby power of 32 kW. It is currently widely exported and used for power generation in the areas of manufacturing, factories, construction sites, and three defenses.

YUCHAI HEAVY INDUSTRY showcased classic U20 and U27 mini excavators, novel S35 electric skid-steer loader and F60 forest harvester, attracting about 60 groups of purchasers from 38 countries including Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Mongolia, Poland, the United States, and Romania for consultation. Currently, YUCHAI HEAVY INDUSTRY has received potential orders valuing over RMB 20 million, and identified more than 10 intended agents.

U20 and U27 mini excavators are the star products of YUCHAI HEAVY INDUSTRY. Through continuous upgrades, these two excavators have become highly flexible, adaptable and stable, providing specialized support for operations in narrow spaces such as urban maintenance, indoor renovation, garden maintenance and farm operation. They have always been favored by users at home and abroad.

With the electronic control technology independently developed by YUCHAI HEAVY INDUSTRY, S35 electric skid-steer loader can easily cope with applications with narrow operation site, uneven ground, and frequent changes in operation contents. It has won the favor of many purchasers by virtue of excellent performance and a stable and reliable walking structure.

A purchaser from Turkey said, "I just got off the plane and came to Yuchai's booth at the first stop. I've learned about Yuchai's products on social media and websites. I'm very interested in Yuchai's products. Today, seeing the products in kind, I'm more confident in Yuchai's products."

"This is the product we want!" two purchasers from Canada said after some understanding and trial, "This is our second time visiting your booth, and this time we are more certain that this is the product we want. We look forward to cooperating with Yuchai."

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