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Achievement of Strategic Cooperation between Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. and SUNWARD

        On January 27 and in Yulin, Yuchai and Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in which the two sides will be engaged in comprehensive cooperation in the localization of power for excavators, rotary drilling, aerial work platforms, skid steer loaders, and other relevant equipment. Li Hanyang, Chairman of Yuchai, and He Qinghua, Chairman of SUNWARD, witnessed the signing.


      Li Hanyang said that the signing of such a strategic cooperation agreement between Yuchai and SUNWARD was not only a strong alliance but also a need to adapt to the future economic and industry development trends, thus conducive to the improvement of the competitiveness of both sides. Hopefully, both sides will take this opportunity to give full play to the respective advantages, share resources, and work together to achieve high-quality development.


       He Qinghua said that both SUNWARD and Yuchai belong to machinery manufacturing enterprise and have many similarities, and he expressed his hope that the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement would enable the two sides to enhance the consensus through joint independent innovation, achieve complementary advantages and jointly make the engineering equipment business stronger and bigger.

SUNWARD is one of the leading enterprises of underground engineering equipment in China, with export in batches to more than 100 countries and regions around the world in more than 10 fields such as underground engineering equipment, excavators, modern rock drilling equipment, mining equipment, lifting machinery, etc.

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