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Serving Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Demonstrating Yuchai's National Power Style

The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRFIC), with the theme of "Working Together to Deliver a Brighter Future for Belt and Road Cooperation", was held on April 25-27 in Beijing.

Yuchai, as a representative of the national power, provides transportation service support for the forum.

Powering the Implementation of the "Belt and Road" Initiative

According to reports, there were a total of 457 buses equipped with Yuchai YC6L engines serving the second BRFIC, including 62 Shouqi buses, 185 BAIC buses and 210 Crescent buses. This engine model features reliable performance and rich operation experience. It is a star model equipped for buses serving important events in foreign affairs and shuttle buses serving VIPs.

With star products, there must also be a star support team. Yuchai' support team has a total of 25 members including service engineers from Yuchai's Headquarters, personnel from Yuchai's Beijing office and personnel from Yuchai's core service stations. The support team is divided into 5 support groups working at 5 stops and along main roads to provide 24-hour service.

Yuchai's performance in the BRFIC was highly praised by users.

"Shouqi and Yuchai are committed to providing transportation service support for important events through long-term sincere cooperation". Yangjing, the Director of Tengyu Bus Repair Factory of Shouqi Group Co., Ltd., told reporters that 62 Shouqi buses (including Golden Dragon, Youngman, North Bus and Yutong) serving the BRFIC were all equipped with Yuchai engines. Many of these Yuchai engine models are the "seniors" who served the first BRFIC and the NPC and CPPCC many times. Their good quality and stable power performance have been highly praised by Shouqi's staff.

Good Quality, Excellent Service

"Yuchai engine is a standard feature of Shouqi". Yang Jing said that Shouqi would definitely equip Yuchai engines for all buses it purchased.

Why does Shouqi show special preference to Yuchai? It dates back to 2004 when Shouqi began to use Yuchai engine for the first time. Shouqi buses were mainly equipped with engines of foreign brands at that time. By virtue of excellent performance, Yuchai engine gradually replaced these foreign brands. In 2013, Shouqi began to equip Yuchai engines for its buses in a large scale. "Over the years, Yuchai engines have not had any major problems, freeing us from worry." Yang Jing said.

Like Shouqi, Crescent is also a regular customer of Yuchai and is full of praise for Yuchai. Wen Yanfeng, General Manager of Beijing Crescent United Automobile Co., Ltd., said that Yuchai engines are good in both quality and fuel economy. In particular, Yuchai's service is meticulous and user-centered.

Wen Yanfeng mentioned a "little thing" regarding Yuchai's after-sales service the year before last. In 2017, during a trip to Xianyang, the engine of the bus had a minor fault. Within less than two hours after application for after-sales service, local maintenance personnel arrived at the site and repaired the bus quickly with necessary accessories. "No matter how days later to apply for maintenance, Yuchai will solve problems in the first time, freeing users from worry".

Expanding to Overseas Markets and Gaining More Achievements in Exports

While wholeheartedly serving the BRFIC, Yuchai is also accelerating its expansion to overseas markets based on high modernization and new globalization under the "Belt and Road" Initiative and has seen a rapid increase in its export volume of products.

By March 2019, the overseas ownership of Yuchai engines exceeded 430,000 sets. These engines were sold to more than 180 countries and regions on the five continents, covering all developing countries and achieving breakthroughs in developed countries in Europe and America. In April 2019, the export volume of Yuchai engines exceeded 4,000 sets. In the first quarter of this year, the export volume of Yuchai engines achieved a strong growth of nearly 10%. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the market holdings of Yuchai engines have exceeded 22,000 sets. In the past 10 years, 70% of China's buses exported to Saudi Arabia were equipped with Yuchai engines.

In addition, Yuchai has also laid a solid foundation for marketing service network to provide strong support for overseas markets. At present, Yuchai has initially established an overseas marketing service network consisting of four routes: "east route" extending from the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road to ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia; "south route" covering South Asian countries such as Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka; "west route" extending westwards to Egypt and other North African countries on the basis of markets in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; "north route" covering Central Asian countries.

Serving major events and keeping exports rising steadily, Yuchai courageously moves forward on the way to show the elegant style of a national brand.

(Source: China Automotive News; By: Zhao Lingling)

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