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The Buses of China’s Largest Export Order in 2019 Assembled with Engines of Yuchai

In the past few years, Yuchai has made great achievements in new energy engines or traditional internal combustion engines in the markets home and abroad.

1,150 new energy buses with Yuchai’s hybrid power system have just been delivered to Beijing a few days ago. On April 10, as the biggest bus export order in China till now in 2019, another 600 Ankai buses with Yuchai’s engines left for Saudi Arabia.

From being assembled in the new energy buses of the biggest order in 2019, to 100% assembling in the buses of the biggest export order of China buses, Yuchai is now showing its strengths of China’s leading brand in bus power system and demonstrating the influence of Chinese manufacturing on the world.

Legend of the Classic Engine with Holding Volume Over 20,000 in Saudi Arabia

It is reported that all the 600 Ankai 12 m-long buses exported to Saudi Arabia are assembled with Yuchai YC6L engine. As the “star” engine for bus power system home and abroad, Yuchai YC6L series engine have been combined with four-valve technology, wet cylinder sleeve structure with high level lower support, compulsory piston cooling technology from Europe and other European recent technologies. They are characterized by high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low noise, environmental protection and high reliability.

As we know, it is very hot in Saudi Arabia, with a maximum temperature of 56°C and summer as long as 8 months. In addition, raging sand and wind all the year also poses great challenges to engines. Nevertheless, the wet cylinder sleeve structure with high level lower support technology adopted by Yuchai YC6L series is capable of directly cooling to the first piston ring, so that thermal load of the engine can be significantly reduced with reliability improved thereby. So it is adaptable to the extreme weathers in Saudi Arabia.

Yuchai YC6L series engine’s excellent performance has gained its fame. They are now so welcomed abroad that an annual average sales volume of over 5,000 are realized in recent years, covering Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Under the fame of YC6L series, Yuchai has won Saudi Arabia as one of the main oversea markets in its development landscape. At present, more than 20,000 engines of Yuchai are reserved in the Saudi Arabia market where 90% of the buses exported from China are assembled with Yuchai engines in the recent 10 years. Take HAFIL TRANSPORT COMPANY L.L.C.---the largest transportation company in Saudi Arabia as an example. It boasts a total of 12,000 buses in which about 8,000 are assembled with Yuchai engines, with a proportion over 60%. In other words, Yuchai is not only the leading brand in bus power system of China, but is also becoming the leading brand in that of Saudi Arabia.

Another remarkable achievement to mention is that in addition to this big order, Yuchai won the bus export orders of 1,100 and 1,300 in 2017 and 2018 respectively. It was the first ever engine manufacturer in China who had gained such large orders. The growing export of Yuchai products proves that China-made products are also one of the best in the world.

With over 10,000 Engines Exported a Year, Yuchai Trumpets the Triumph of Made-in-China

In addition to the market of Saudi Arabia, Yuchai is working hard to build international development platform and constantly improve global marketing and service network as the global influence of the “Belt and Road” initiative in the world deepens.

Take Saudi Arabia as an example again. Since its entering in the Saudi Arabia market in 2005, Yuchai, after over ten years’ hard working, has made remarkable progress in establishing and improving its service network in Saudi Arabia. The after-sales service is still characterized by quick response and guarantee of troubleshooting on the very day even holding volume of engines there has been 20,000, to fully ensure the normal operation of customers.

Yuchai’s overseas marketing and service networks are now basically framed, with 4 market fronts in east, south, west and north areas preliminarily established. Up to now, Yuchai has established 182 overseas service stations in Vietnam, Thailand, Europe and Peru, etc. and its network has covered 41 countries and regions.

The continuous improvement of service network ensures a sound development of Yuchai abroad. As to 2018, holding volume of Yuchai’s engine has exceeded 420,000 abroad and related products have been sold to more than 180 countries and regions all over the world, basically covering all markets of developing countries with break-through in developed countries in Europe and America.

With years of rich experience in overseas markets and high-quality products manufactured, Yuchai rapidly establishes its image with influence promotion on a global scale, with the products popularized in more and more countries. Under the trend of economic globalization and with the “Belt and Road” initiative as the broadest international cooperation platform hereunder, Yuchai will further tap the overseas markets, improving the fame of Chinese manufactures and strengthening Chinese brands in the world with the high-quality products.

(Source: www. ChinaBus.Info)

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