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YCMP’s Dual-fuel Power for the World's Largest LNG Refueling Carrier

Recently, a commercial contract about at most 6 low-speed dual-fuel engines of YCMP-WINGD 5RT-Flex50DF has been signed by and between Yuchai Marine Power Co., Ltd. (YCMP) and Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC SOE”). The engines will be assembled in the largest LNG transport refueling carrier of 20,000m3 in the world.

With rich experience in gas carrier, CIMC SOE undertook the largest LNG transport refueling carrier of 20,000m3 in the world. The carrier shows the development direction in LNG field as it has the functions of LNG transport and refueling, and is safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The low-speed dual-fuel engines of YCMP-WINGD 5RT-Flex50DF can operate stably in gas mode within the full load range. Their modes of fuel and gas can be switched directly and smoothly. In the gas mode based on lean combustion (Otto cycle), there is nearly no sulfur oxide or particulate matter so that the Tier III emission standard of International Maritime Organization (IMO) can be met without any after-treatment measures. Meanwhile, the engines are also provided with a low-pressure air supply system with air pressure not more than 16 bar, which conforms to emission legislation and helps operation safety and stability of the carrier.

Since the delivery of the world's first 5RT-Flex50DF engine in 2015, YCMP has successfully delivered 8 DF engines to domestic and foreign customers, installed in the LNG carrier, chemical carrier and container carrier respectively. The signing of the contract marks the approval of the world's leading liquid cargo shipowners and shipyards, and indicates that YCMP continues to lead globally in 50DF engine delivery and order volume.

(Xu Zhenhua)

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