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Yuchai holds 2014 Exhibition on New Achievements of Technicians and Engineers

On January 12, the 2014 Exhibition on New Achievements of Yuchai's Technicians and Engineers took place at Yuchai Practical Training Center. Present were corporate leaders including Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group and Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.; consultants and council members of Yuchai Technician Association and Yuchai Engineer Association; as well as technicians and engineers from Yuchai's subsidiaries.

As one of the annual top events of Yuchai Technician Association and Yuchai Science & Technology Association, the exhibition has been held for six times since 2009. It is not only a platform for the display, development and growth of technicians and engineers, but also an effective channel for sharing, popularization and reference of corporate innovation achievements. Since the two associations worked together in 2013, Yuchai's technicians and engineers have joined hands and complemented teach others' skills and techniques, so as to achieve more significant results in research.

Over 90 achievements were presented during the exhibition. Exhibition zones such as the zone for skill show, the zone for competition achievements, the zone for research achievements and the zone for master studios showcased the achievements of Yuchai's technicians and engineers in skills and technical innovation in 2014. The project of "CAE Capacity Improvement" implemented by Yuchai R & D Center, the project of "Application of the New NC Drive Technology in the Development of Imported Combined Machine Tools" implemented by Engine Plant 2 and the project of "Lightweight Development of D2500 Cylinder Block" implemented by the Manufacturing Technology Department drew great attention. The project of "Application of the New NC Drive Technology in the Development of Imported Combined Machine Tools" was completed by the engineers and technicians of Engine Plant 2. According to Li Zhixin, a senior engineer at Engine Plant 2, the sliding tables of the combined machine tools for the diesel engine cylinder block and cover production line introduced from Brazil was controlled by an NC + DC driver before the reform, which led to much failure and low efficiency, but the failure rate decreased by some 90 percent year on year after the use of the new NC drive technology. The project of "Lightweight Development of D2500 Cylinder Block" replaced HT250 with RuT350, reduced the basic wall thickness from 6-7mm to 3.4-4mm, and reduced the weight of mass-manufactured blanks by 20kg or 15 percent.

Yan viewed the achievements item by item, listening to the technicians' and engineers' reports and explanations carefully. After viewing all achievements on show, he paid heartfelt respects to the two associations' over 3,000 members for their efforts in Yuchai's development. He stressed that the reason for Yuchai's great confidence is its strong and outstanding engineer and technician teams and its grass-roots industrial forces. He required that the company should keep perfecting its pay policy and establish special job allowances for key technicians and engineers, and intensify incentives for outstanding ones. Also, the company should encourage senior workers and masters to assiduously cultivate apprentices to promote talent growth, he added.

(Shen Jiajin)

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