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Yuchai Machinery: Golden brand for NPC & CPPCC session service

It has served the NPC and CPPCC annual sessions for 12 consecutive years with "zero fault" every year, thus gradually becoming the standard engine supplier for the NPC and CPPCC annual sessions (the sessions). It is Yuchai Machinery, a golden brand for session service.

Reliable products

Yuchai has served the NPC and CPPCC annual sessions for the 12th consecutive time this year. Over 70 percent of 7m+ service vehicles were powered by Yuchai.

Of Shouqi Group's 216 service vehicles for the sessions, all 131 7m+ buses were powered by Yuchai, covering eight models such as Beijing North Huade Neoplan, Youngman and Yutong. This set of figures shows that Yuchai Machinery is first-rated in terms of safety, reliability and economy, and its product quality is outstanding. Without outstanding quality, Yuchai Machinery will not account for such a large proportion of service vehicle engines for the sessions.

According to the source, the service vehicles for the sessions were mainly provided by Shouqi Group, BAIC Group and United Grescent. Due to the sessions' importance and special significance, the companies were critical of vehicles and their power. You can find Yuchai engines on the vehicles provided by the companies.

Shouqi's Yuchai-powered service vehicles for the sessions

Of all Yuchai engines that previously served the sessions, the best-selling engine is YC6L which may be rated as a star among all engines powering service vehicles for the sessions. Take Shouqi for example, YC6L has become its preferred power whether for the sessions or for other purposes. According to Zeng Gong, service manager of Yuchai Beijing Office, YC6L penetrated into Beijing's tour bus and public bus markets in 2007 and 2008 as a key bus model, and was widely recognized. Those engines with reliable quality have mostly covered 1 million kilometers without any overhaul

Zeng said Yuchai Machinery performed strongly in session service over the past 11 years, with "zero fault" every year. It has dispelled the worries of both transport service providers and service vehicle drivers during the sessions.

"12 years of continuous service is the best embodiment of reliable performance," the head of Shouqi Group commented on Yuchai in an interview from China Communications News

Meticulous service

It is true that Yuchai spared no efforts in vehicle service support during the sessions. Zeng told the reporter that Yuchai worked a detailed vehicle service support plan during the sessions in 2015. According to the plan, Yuchai established a service support team for the sessions, and divided it into five groups such as field command group, parts support group and direct support group by function. The team members include engineers from Yuchai Beijing Office and relevant technical staff from Yuchai's headquarters.

All the team members were handpicked, seasoned and skillful. Zeng said, "The service team has 14 members, including an engineer from Yuchai's headquarters in Yulin. They generally have more than two or three years of service experience. I myself have been involved in vehicle service for many major events such as 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games."

The service support was divided into four parts, including vehicle inspection, security check of vehicles before their entry into delegate stations and organization of support part placement. Zeng said, "We will lay emphasis on pre-session inspection. Before the Spring Festival of the year of the goat, we conducted a meticulous inspection of fixed service vehicles for the sessions, and removed faults one by one according to the special check list, to eliminate problems in the bud. Meanwhile, we assisted service vehicle providers such as Shouqi Group in vehicle maintenance and driver training. Our technical service staff and engineers also gave technical instruction in some thorny problems on the site to ensure that vehicles are in optimal conditions."

vehicle engines are basically electronically-controlled ones currently, engine cleaning is tricky and improper cleaning methods such as washing are prone to potential safety hazards, thus Yuchai's resident engineers and technical service staff visited to teach drivers how to clean engines.

Apart from pre-session blanket inspection, Yuchai's service team stood by all day around all delegate stations, made preparations based on the requirements of the emergency plan, was always ready and on call.

Yuchai's attentive service was recognized by Shouqi. "Since the beginning of the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year, our vehicles have strictly complied with the company's relevant regulations and been subject to three inspections every day. Zero failure has primarily been attributable to our full early preparations, and such vehicle parts suppliers as Yuchai have given strong cooperation and maximum support," said the head of Shouqi in an interview from China Industry News.

Sufficient parts

Parts are assured and services are more convenient for homemade engines. This is a major consideration of many vehicles in choosing engine brands. "Now many customers choose homemade engines and our vehicles are basically powered by Yuchai. The service and quality of homemade engines are good. Actually, imported engines are good but are inferior to homemade engines in terms of parts channels and service network, when they break down in holidays and festivals, it is not easy to find service staff. And some parts are out of stock and need to be purchased from abroad, customer have to wait for a long time," said Wu Ming, after-sales service manager of Higer in Beijing when speaking of vehicle service for the sessions.

Serving the sessions is a great honor and a solemn test to transport companies, automakers and engine manufacturers. Parts are an important indicator measuring whether preparations are full. Preparations should be made in advance. Actually more efforts are made in service support before the opening of the sessions. On February 28, Yuchai put parts to be used during the sessions in place. The parts support group is responsible for reserving service parts for the sessions. Their key tasks are purchasing, transporting, reserving and distributing support parts for the sessions, commanding, coordinating, supervising and inspecting parts support during the sessions. To ensure smooth parts supply, Yuchai has worked out three rules for parts support, requiring the office to work out a targeting parts plan for Yuchai engines involved in the sessions and supervise parts placement, and Yuchai's customer service center to ensure timely parts placement through communication and coordination.

According to the source, Yuchai reserved parts according to the number and models of service vehicles for the sessions. For example, as the number of national IV engines for service vehicles increased slightly this year, corresponding parts reserves were increased, especially parts of post processing systems such as urea pump, urea tank, injection nozzle, post-processing computer board and sensor.

"Due to environmental needs, Yuchai happened to be working on post processing upgrading and renovation which covers over 3,000 vehicles. Thus, it is more than sufficient to support over 200 service vehicles for the sessions," said Yan Xiaoqing, an after-sales service engineer of Yuchai, adding, "In addition, we must supervise parts placement." According to the source, Yuchai delivered some parts to Shouqi which would provide transport service to the sessions before the beginning of the sessions. These onboard parts include throttle sensor and crankshaft position sensor. This year, Yuchai equipped the team with three service vehicles, each of which is a mobile parts storage loaded with various necessary parts. Also, Yuchai's parts center storage in Daxing can meet any arising demand of vehicles for parts. Yuchai's service stations will also provide parts support and Yuchai has planned a corresponding service station for each delegation station under the principle of proximity. In a word. Yuchai has made all-round preparations to ensure faultless parts supply for service vehicles during the sessions.

(Yang Mingze)

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