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Yuchai's benchmarking learning produces remarkable effects, creates benefit of over 8 million yuan

Yuchai Group initiated benchmarking learning in April 2014. Since the initiation of benchmarking learning, the group's ability to resolve problems has improved, its management has become increasingly standardized and scientific, its capacity for overall control and business level have been strengthened, and an economic benefit of over 8 million yuan has been created. On March 12, the group held a meeting to commend the advanced collectives and projects in benchmarking learning last year, and arrange the work for 2015.

According to the source, benchmarking learning was proposed by Chairman Yan Ping from the height of strategic development in early 2014, and is the important content of the group's second startup. The scope of benchmarking learning is wide: Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) is the benchmark of Yuchai Group, and domestic and foreign advanced enterprises are the benchmark of Yuchai Machinery; the learning covers a wide range of fields such as management concept, management technology, management system, management tool and management method.

At the meeting, nine advanced benchmarking learning collectives such as Engine Plant 2 and Engine Plant 3 of Yuchai Machinery, 15 advanced benchmarking learning projects such as the team and group management of Yulin Chengxin Machinery Co., Ltd. and the lean management of Yuchai Huayuan Machinery (Yulin) Co., Ltd., 18 excellent items of courseware for benchmarking learning such as the Introduction to Plant Safety, Teams and Groups, Lean Operation, TPM, Quality and Management Experience of the Foundry Division, and 2 advanced organizers of benchmarking learning such as Training Center and Party Committee Office were commended.

The group's benchmarking learning will be deepened and advanced in the aspects of "platform building, mechanism establishment and supervision intensification" in 2015. Platform building is building a resource sharing platform and a promotional platform in the group to share advanced experience and courseware and promote models to create a strong learning atmosphere. Mechanism building is incorporating the requirements of benchmarking learning into selection of advanced entities, selection of advanced individuals for vocational education and performance assessment of grass-roots Party organizations, and establishing a long-effective learning mechanism to promote conscious and independent learning. Supervision intensification is that the Party Work Office and the Training Center regularly send staff to grass-roots entities to inspect their benchmarking learning and give instructions.

At the meeting, President Gu Tangsheng expected all entities to enhance their sense of responsibility for benchmarking learning, adhere to pragmatic and effective strategies, advance benchmarking learning systematically stage by stage and make innovation boldly, so as to promote the comprehensive improvement of the group's management capacity and business level, and speed up the group's second startup.

(Wen Zhenghua)

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