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Yuchai Petronas builds world top R & D center

On March 19, Yuchai Petronas Lubricants Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Petronas) held the unveiling ceremony of "Yuchai Petronas Research & Development Center". Amir, CEO of Petronas and Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group unveiled the center.

According to the source, Yuchai Petronas Research & Development Center was built in reference with the standards of internationally advanced lubricant manufacturers such as Shell and Mobil. Up to advanced world standards in terms of equipment and management, the center will be an important platform for increasing the R & D strength of Yuchai Petronas' lubricant products.

Amir said technologies are the foundation of enterprise development. Since its establishment, Yuchai Petronas has successfully integrated the advantages of Yuchai and Petronas, and achieved outstanding business results. The center will further pushed forward the cooperation between the two sides. As the core of technologies, the R & D center will research on technology promotion, product development and cost control, to provide more technical support to Yuchai, more effective lubrication performance to Yuchai engines and better product services to Yuchai's customers.

Petronas enjoys a global fame in resources, technologies, management and brand. Since the establishment of the joint venture, both sides have striven to develop the market from the standpoint of safeguarding shareholders' maximum interests, thus achieving outstanding results. The center's establishment will promote the long-term development of Yuchai Petronas, hopefully the center will provide more and better lubricants to Yuchai engines, and Yuchai Petronas will further extend its product chain and develop more and better markets.

According to the source, with a floor area of 1,000 square meters, the center will be constructed by three phases. On the first floor are the company's offices and showroom, and on the second floor is the experimental zone. They will share the resources of Yuchai's engine R & D platform. The experimental zone includes 7 functional laboratories: physical & chemical laboratory, disassembly & evaluation room, viscosity temperature laboratory, friction laboratory, old oil analysis room, ICP room and thermostatic room. With some 30 units (sets) of experimental equipment, the center can conduct about 40 physical & chemical tests and simulation tests.

Among attendees were Eric Holthusen, COO at Petronas Lubricants International; Giuseppe Pedretti, Asia regional head at Petronas Lubricants International; Barry Smith, head of key account development at Petronas Lubricants International; Andy Holmes, head of group technology at Petronas Lubricants International and Ravi Tallamraju, head of technology-Asia at Petronas Lubricants International; Zhou Sunhai, vice president of Yuchai Group; Guan Min, vice president of Yuchai Group; Wang Yuanqian, investment director of Yuchai Group; Xie Yuqiang, chairman of Yuchai Petronas Lubricants Co., Ltd. and Li Qibang, general manager of Yuchai Petronas Lubricants Co., Ltd.

(Huang Zhirong)

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