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DYE founded

On July 15, relevant leaders of Yuchai Group, Dalian Inteh Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd., partners in the project of "Zhixing Ship", gathered in Dalian for the founding conference of Dalian Yuchai Energy Co., Ltd. (DYE) as well as its 1st general shareholders' meeting, director board meeting and supervisor board meeting. The conference marks DYE's official founding.

DYE's business scope covers the sales, management, leasing and domestic freight forwarding of LNG-powered ship, LNG operations, related investment, etc. The company will be a new platform for developing Yuchai's marine engine business and energy strategy.

Wang Yuanqian, investment director of Yuchai Group, presided over the founding conference and the 1st general shareholders' meeting. The shareholders and shareholder representatives deliberated on the joint venture's articles of association and the scheme for election of directors, supervisors and the general manager, and voted through the articles of association and the list of recommended directors, supervisors and senior executives by unanimity. Chen Qixian, Zhang Zhengqing, Wang Yuanqian and Tang Zuoxing of Yuchai Group were elected to the board of directors. Also, the attendees deliberated on other matters concerning joint venture cooperation and corporate operation.

Chen Qixian presided over the 1st director board meeting and the attending directors elected Chen as DYE's chairman by unanimity. The meeting deliberated on DYE's organization, salary and management system, as well as the plan for fabricating the model LNG standardized green ship--"Zhixing Ship". Chen arranged the work for the next period, noting, "Efforts should be made to advance the industrial and commercial registration and capital payment of DYE as soon as possible and to accelerate the fabrication of the model ship."

The supervisor board meeting was also held to elect the chairman of the board of supervisors and employee supervisor.

(Zhang Yi)

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