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Yuchai Group brings second startup onto fast track through innovation

On August 2, the senior and middle-level management cadres of Yuchai Group gathered in Nanning for an in-depth discussion of issues such as second startup, and transformation and upgrading. At the seminar, Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group, stressed that all subsidiaries and functional departments should lose no time in bringing the second startup onto a fast track through innovation.

Under the theme of "Innovation Engine, Full-speed Start", the seminar focused on how enterprises promote self transformation and upgrading through innovation in the context of the second startup. 117 management cadres submitted personal written speeches on issues such as corporate innovation, and explored management innovation in respective fields.

At the seminar, Yuchai Group and Yuchai Machinery came up with over 30 detailed reform and innovation plans.

Yan spoke highly of the innovation plans. Corporate transformation and upgrading has become an inevitable choice in the current economic context, he said, requiring that subsidiaries and functional departments should cast away illusions, pay early attention, make timely adjustment and lose no time in making innovation to accelerate corporate transformation and upgrading; should enhance their sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship, take innovation as the mainline of the second startup, seize the major opportunity of industrial restructuring and fear no pains from reforms to perseveringly promote corporate transformation and upgrading; and should attach great importance to enhancing internal management, systems and core competitiveness in innovation, and ensure corporate health and safety to steadily advance corporate transformation and upgrading.

(Song Yonggeng)

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