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Y&C Engine's comprehensive resource utilization project passes Wuhu's inspection

On August 14, "Energy System Optimization (Conservation) Project" declared by Yuchai Y&C Engine Co., Ltd. (Y&C Engine) passed Wuhu's inspection as a comprehensive resource utilization project in Wuhu.

The inspection was organized by Xu Liangjie, vice chairman of the Economic, Development and Reform Commission of Sanshan District, and completed by the project acceptance group consisting of leaders of the district science and technology bureau, the district finance bureau, the district statistics bureau and the Administrative Committee of Anhui Wuhu Sanshan Economic Development Zone. After learning about the general information of Y&C Engine and the information of project construction, the group conducted a field inspection of the plant involved in the project, purchased equipment, the effects of "Energy System Optimization (Conservation) Project", product quality and technological level. The experts spoke highly of the project, thought the project was well organized and implemented, has produced prominent effects and plays a significant role in demonstration and popularization, thus unanimously approving the project to pass the inspection.

As an energy and water conservation project among Wuhu's energy conservation and comprehensive resource utilization projects, Y&C Engine's "Energy System Optimization (Conservation) Project" was completed and put to use in December 2011. It saves standard coal by at least 2,084 tons, carbon dioxide by 6,295 tons and sulfur dioxide by 188.85 tons annually, and increases comprehensive income by 6.511 million yuan annually.

(Xiong Qianqian)

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