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Yuchai New Industrial City upgrades Yulin's industrial development

Consolidate the foundation: Build an industry with an output value of 100 billion yuan, construct a modern new city

This year, the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and the Yulin Municipal People's Government set the strategic objective of "laying the foundation in three years and making great changes in five years". The primary task of foundation is laying a solid industrial foundation, enlarging, strengthening and optimizing industry according to the development objective of "exceeding 260 billion yuan in three years, 500 billion yuan in five years and 1 trillion yuan in eight years".

"To achieve the objective, we must thoroughly implement the strategy of 'invigorating Yuchai and prospering Yulin', support Yuchai in the second startup, bring Yuchai's leading role into play, drive the accelerated development of Yulin's industry and spare no efforts to upgrade Yulin's industrial economic development," said Wang Kai, secretary of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and Su Haitang, mayor of Yulin. "Constructing Yuchai New Industrial City is just an effective move to actively adapt to Yulin's switch from the primary stage to the middle & later stage of industrialization, promote the development of Yuchai and relevant supporting industries, prosper the machine building industry, build it into an industry with an output value of 100 billion yuan and promote the leapfrog development of Yulin's industry," they stressed.

Since the initiation of planning and construction of Yuchai New Industrial City last year, Yulin's relevant departments at all levels have unified their thinking on the decisions and arrangements of the municipal committee and government, raced against time, taken effective measures, and solidly advanced the construction of Yuchai New Industrial City, in a bid to build the city into a competitive, commerce-friendly, livable green ecological new modern industrial city combining national advanced equipment manufacturing, internal combustion engine R & D and modern logistics service.

Overall plan: Stretch across a county and a district with a total area of over 10,000 mu

As a model new modern industrial city featuring industry-city integration, Yuchai New Industrial City must be planned elaborately and have a heavy investment.

How is the overall planning of Yuchai New Industrial City? Where is it sited? What is the area? With a series of problems, the reporter interviewed the Office of the Headquarters of Planning and Construction of Yuchai New Industrial City.

According to sources, the planning of Yuchai New Industrial City including project siting, topographic mapping and land use plan examination has been completed, and the overall plan and the regulatory detailed plan have been adopted at relevant meetings.

Yuchai New Industrial City is located to the east of the Yulin south exit line of Yulin-Tieshan'gang Highway and the south of Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway. A total planned area of some 10,957 mu has been completed, including some 5,626 mu in Yuzhou District and some 5,331 mu in Luchuan County. With a planned land area of 2,817.048 mu and a boundary area of 2,431.44 mu, the startup phase is basically in Yuzhou.

(Li Xiaojun/Yulin Daily)

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