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Yuchai Group builds "mobile stations" to stimulate master studios' innovation power

On September 12, the mobile station of Yuchai's Benchwork Skill Master Studio was inaugurated at Tools Manufacturing Plant, injecting new vitality into the studio's efficient operation. Chen Jinyuan, president of Yuchai Technician Association (YTA) and Lin Congli, manager of Tools Manufacturing Plant inaugurated the station.

Since establishing the first master studio in 2010, Yuchai Group has built seven of its kind covering work types such as benchwork and welding, as well as a model worker studio and a women worker innovation studio. As the studios are all located at the group practical training center far from the plant area, they have operated tardily. In the context of the second startup, YTA proposed to establish "mobile stations" for the master studios at the cooperative units in the production area and select sites based on concentration points of various work types. The mobile station of Benchwork Skill Master Studio is located at Tools Manufacturing Plant.

Chi Zhaojiu, head of Benchwork Skill Master Studio, reported the progress of the construction of the mobile station. The station's construction in the production area shows the characteristics of scene, fastness and flexibleness, provides more convenient conditions for the studio's operation, and can better serve production operation, he said.

According to sources, YTA will advance the construction of the mobile stations of the other six studios in an orderly manner after this mobile station is built up and goes into operation.

(Huang Ling)

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