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Yuchai Logistics initiates auto parts logistics business

Five trucks loaded with automotive parts have recently pulled out of Guangxi's largest automotive parts city--ASEAN International Automotive Parts City on Nanzhan Boulevard, Nanning, marking the official initiation of Yuchai Logistics' preferred product warehousing and distribution business covering Guangxi's automotive aftermarket.

The initiated automotive logistics business was organized and developed by Yuchai Logistics' Automotive Aftermarket Department, operated and managed by City Express. It sells and transports parts to Guangxi's key automotive parts distributors, has 13 professional distribution trucks running on 13 fixed lines, covers Guangxi and part of its neighboring provinces of Guangdong, Guizhou and Yunnan, has established distribution outlets in over 130 counties and townships, and provides point-to-point distribution service to nearly 1,000 sales terminals including vehicle repair plants and parts stores.

The automotive aftermarket project is Yuchai Logistics' major strategic project of "vigorously developing regional warehousing and distribution, perfecting the integrated platform of the supply chain, and developing in the direction of deep supply chain integration and vertical e-commerce platform". Now Yuchai Logistics' Automotive Aftermarket Department is losing no time in organizing the development of the warehousing and distribution business targeting tire and oil product customers, with the aim of building Guangxi's No. 1 professional automotive aftermarket logistics service brand supported by the three primary businesses--"automotive parts, automotive tires and automotive oil products" and radiating the country.

(Wei Gan)

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