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Qin Tianwei, member of Standing Committee & director of Organization Department of CPC Yulin Municipal Committee surveys Yuchai

On September 24, Qin Tianwei, member of the Standing Committee and director of the Organization Department of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee led a team to Yuchai for a survey and held a symposium to find out Yuchai's work such as corporate operation, human resources and Party building. Present at the symposium were Vice President Zhou Sunhai, Vice President Guan Min, Deputy Party Secretary Guo Deming and other leaders of Yuchai Group.

Accompanied by Guo, the team conducted field inspections of Yuchai Power Machinery Co., Ltd. and Engine Plant 6 to find out their production and business operation.

At the symposium, Zhou, Guan and Guo reported on Yuchai Group's overall operation, cadre team management, talent introduction and recruitment, Party building and disciplinary inspection.

Qin encouraged Yuchai's management team at the symposium. Despite the grim economic situation, shrinking exports, weak consumption drive and insufficient private investment this year, he believed that Yuchai could positively cope with the market, adjust its structure and withstand pressure to advance the second startup smoothly.

Qin showed a strong interest in Yuchai's performance management system and ordered relevant staff to study the system carefully after their return. Regarding the difficulty in talent introduction encountered by Yuchai, he said the Organization Department of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee would create channels for high-level talent introduction and green channels (housing, treatment, spouse employment, child schooling, etc.) for high-level talents' development in Yulin. Also, he made proposals such as combining the cooperation between Yulin and Tsinghua University with the cooperation between Yuchai Group and Tsinghua University to bring the function of talent introduction into play, and cadre exchange between enterprises and government offices.

Qin offered his guiding opinion on enterprises' Party building. Enterprises should make great efforts on organizational, ideological and style building in Party building to make the work effective with organization, system and fund. Party building should be closely linked to instead of being separated from enterprises' business development, and should play a role in bringing workers together and promoting business development.

(Yang Mingze)

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