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CAEXPO 2014 opens, Yuchai participates in building of new Maritime Silk Road

On September 16, the 11th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO 2014) opened in Nanning known as a green city. The theme was building the 21st Century "Maritime Silk Road". As an enterprise which has conducted deep operations in the ASEAN market for many years, Yuchai will seize the opportunity to take an active part in the construction of the Maritime Silk Road, promote friendship and achieve harmony win-win. Leaders including Su Haitang, mayor of Yulin City, visited Yuchai Pavilion.

Since the 1st China-ASEAN Expo, Yuchai has participated in the international event in its home city every year. With the gradual deepening of China-ASEAN exchanges, the ASEAN has become one of Yuchai's most important overseas markets. Yuchai exported over 300 units to the ASEAN only in 2004, but is expected to export nearly 20,000 units in 2014, up at least 60 times in ten years.

To better develop overseas markets and promote exchanges with ASEAN countries, Yuchai showed up with subsidiaries such as Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Yuchai Petronas Lubricants Co., Ltd., Yuchai Machinery Monopoly Development Co., Ltd., Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited and Guangxi Yuchai Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Yuchai International Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. made its debut. Yuchai's exhibits covered fields such as truck, bus, ship, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. Two electronic control engines--YC6T and YC6J changed people's previous impression on segment-specific engines. As engines for special operating conditions developed by Yuchai in recent years, they have lower noise and consume less fuel, are up to higher emission requirements, and can satisfy overseas customers' higher demands.

Yuchai's outstanding performance in the ASEAN market has drawn wide media attention. Mainstream media such as People's Daily, Guangxi Daily and GXTV all released special reports. On the night of September 15, Wang Limin, vice general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., was invited for an exclusive interview in a program run by GXTV. In the interview, Wang said Guangxi and the ASEAN connected by mountains and waters enjoy convenient transportation. After decades' efforts, Yuchai has established relations of reciprocity and mutual trust with its ASEAN partners, achieved brilliant results in the ASEAN market, forged deep friendship with the ASEAN, partly accomplished employment localization, and promoted cultural exchange and integration. He expected that China and the ASEAN will further improve the level of opening, expand investment, reduce tariffs, lower access conditions, enhance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, build an efficient and convenient transportation system, promote communication and exchanges of manpower, financial resource and material resource, establish a modern financial service system, promote the practical application of the bilateral currency swap agreement, help enterprises resolve financing and settlement problems, and reduce business risks.

The Maritime Silk Road is aimed to cement all-round exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries as a bridge linking China and the ASEAN, he said, expecting Guangxi to give full play its geographical advantage to become a new pivot on the new Maritime Silk Road, and take the opportunity of CAEXPO to cement regional economic cooperation with ASEAN countries, thus accomplishing harmonious development. As a leading enterprise, Yuchai will take an active part in the construction of the Maritime Silk Road to promote friendship, seek common development and achieve harmony win-win.

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