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"Chinese business knack" makes Yuchai engines popular abroad

In the international context that equipment manufacturing remained caught in the downturn, Yuchai has enjoyed great popularity abroad by its quality products and "Chinese business knack" of treating with sincerity.

One more friends, one more way--

Agents volunteer to be "matchmakers"

No business knack works if product quality is substandard. This August, Yuchai got a big order from Algeria. When Yuchai contacted the Algerian customer early in July 2013, the customer had compared internationally renowned engines with Yuchai engines. After more than six months' track testing, Yuchai engines turned in a brilliant answer sheet in late 2013. The customer was satisfied with Yuchai's products and agreed to purchase Yuchai engines in large volume.

Thanks to high product quality and cost performance, Yuchai's overseas distributors became Yuchai's faithful friends. Yuchai's extensive cooperation with 泰 these years was attributable to the "matchmaker"--Yuchai's agent in Russia. As the agent participated in an exhibition with two Yuchai engines at its own expense and acted as a matchmaker during the exhibition, Yuchai and泰 forged a partnership.

After years' efforts, Yuchai has had over 17,000 units possessed in the Russian Region, including over 10,000 units in Russia and over 6,000 units in countries like Kazakhstan.

Bring buyers back--

Make customers trust Yuchai brand through good services

Many Chinese manufacturers pay little attention to returned customers. However, the core of overseas operations is service. According to Yuchai's experience in overseas operation, service and parts networks come first; an enterprise will develop sooner or later if networks are built up.

The perfect combination of "Yuchai style" and "localization" is a sharp weapon for Yuchai's success in overseas market development. During developing the ASEAN market, the overseas office effectively utilized the superior resources of Yuchai's headquarters, transferred Yuchai's technical advantage, service concept and service training capacity to the ASEAN to develop the local service agency network, vigorously trained local service engineers and service management staff, reduced the impact of cultural, folk customs, language and regional diversities and employ local employees' networks to develop the market.

Now Yuchai has over 60,000 units possessed in Vietnam, covering fields such as truck, bus, construction machinery, ship, power generation and agricultural machinery. This is the result of the efforts of Yuchai's salespersons as well as a better interpretation of the honor. Viet so owns over 50 Yuchai engines and designates Yuchai engines as the power for all newly-purchased vehicles. A cruise liner in Vietnam's renowned scenic spot--Halong Bay operated successfully with Yuchai marine engines in 2013, marking that Chinese engines broke the monopoly of international brands. Yuchai engines have become standard power for local cruise liners to date.

Strengthen core technologies--

Ensure product competitiveness

Mastery of core technologies is the main reason for Yuchai's fast overseas development over the past years.

Yuchai's eight series of Euro III, IV, V and VI products have passed the T?V E and e-mark certifications. Yuchai is seeking to work with domestic and foreign institutions. While cooperating with domestic professional institutions of higher education such as Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Yuchai has also established diesel engine laboratories with renowned foreign research institutions such as Germany's FEV, the UK's Brunel and the USA's Southwest Research Institute.

With advanced diesel engine R & D equipment from Germany, the USA, the UK and Austria, Yuchai has established an industrially leading state-accredited laboratory whose scale and capacity are both up to advanced international standards. In 2014, the national engineering laboratory of high-efficiency, energy-conserving and environment-friendly internal combustion engines representing the highest level of China's internal combustion engine industry was established in Yuchai and passed the inspection. Also, Yuchai has invested over 2 billion yuan to bring in sophisticated foreign production equipment and the world's most advanced equipment technologies so as to build Asia's most advanced foundry center, heavy machining workshop and heavy machine installation & commissioning workshop up to international manufacturing standards.

In recent years, Yuchai has selected outstanding workers and technicians to learn advanced technologies with research projects in Germany and Japan. They taught what they had learned to colleagues after their return so as to improve Yuchai's manufacturing level.

In the coming three years, the laboratory will conduct in-depth R & D in technical fields such as new concept combustion system, emission control, hybrid power and alternative fuel combustion to develop a series of independent and internationally advanced high-efficiency and environment-friendly internal combustion engine products and technologies, and apply these advanced technologies to the internal combustion engine industry and related industries. It is foreseeable that with Yuchai's heavy investment in such aspects as R & D, talent, technology and equipment, the laboratory will not only promote the technical progress of Yuchai engines, but also greatly benefit the construction of relevant industrial alliances, making the R & D level of China's internal combustion engine industry up to advanced international standards and the overseas market development of homemade engines.

With good products and services, Yuchai's overseas sales have grown by 20 percent annually in recent years. In 2014, Yuchai set the overseas sales target of 35,000 units. Yuchai's overseas sales have maintained a strong momentum to date, up 20 percent year on year.

Product export is a major indicator for assessing Yuchai's internationalization. The export volume of over 32,000 units last year accounted for only 6 percent of Yuchai's total engine sales, clearly showing Yuchai is laying the groundwork for overseas market construction and is far from developing rapidly. In the future, via the Maritime Silk Road, on the basis of deepening China's cooperation of mutual trust with ASEAN countries, as Guangxi's leading enterprise, Yuchai's export trade with ASEAN customers will soar, then Yuchai's export volume will account for 30 percent of its total sales and its overseas markets will grow by 30 percent. This is Yuchai's yearning for overseas markets and the long-cherished dream of Yuchai people.

(Li Chunmei/Song Yonggeng/Yang Mingze/People's Daily Overseas)

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