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Yuchai Machinery's New Product Development Center inaugurated

On October 14, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) held the inaugural ceremony of the New Product Development Center at the Foundry Center of Yuchai Industry Park. General Manager Wu Qiwei, Vice General Manager Liang Qingyan and Chief Engineer Lin Zhiqiang of Yuchai Machinery attended the ceremony and inaugurated the center.

According to sources, the New Product Development Center of Manufacturing Technology Department will be in charge of fast manufacturing of new products, as well as testing and R & D of new materials, processes, technologies and methods. With an area of 7,000 square meters, the workshop went into operation in July 2014, and involves sectors such as fast manufacturing, ferrous metal casting, nonferrous metal casting, thermal treatment, fatigue test and nonmetallic materials.

Wu addressed the ceremony, saying that the company has divided the corporate management system into the mass-manufacturing system and the new product system. In the future, the company's new product development workshop will be composed of the workshop inaugurated today, the prototype and new product assembly workshop, and the new product machining workshop of Tools Manufacturing Plant, he added.

Wu stressed that new products are vital to the company's future development. The inauguration of the New Product Development Center is a great event for the company's R & D and manufacturing system. The establishment of the new product development workshop will enhance our coordination with other relevant departments such as the R & D center and plants in new product development. Hopefully the center's inauguration will bring our new product development to a new level.

Referring to the center's establishment, Lin thought it shows that the company attaches further importance to new product development. R & D is more than what the R & D center does, the key to the success of new product R & D is process. A complete process from foundry, machining to assembly needs to be established to ensure that we have a complete process system when the new product project is completed. In this way, our new products will be consistent and can occupy the market once our new products are launched.

Wu Qiwei, Liang Qingyan and Lin Zhiqiang inaugurated the New Product Development Center. Following the inaugural ceremony, corporate leaders including Wu Qiwei posed with the staff of the Manufacturing Technology Department present for a group photo and visited the workshop with them.

(Yang Mingze)

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