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Yuchai holds 1st Technology Open Day, three doctors introduce frontier technologies

On the afternoon of October 22, Yuchai held the 1st Technology Open Day at the Test Center of Yuchai R & D Center (YRDC) to introduce the R & D direction of Yuchai's core technologies and engine technology. Vice President Dr. Feng Jing and Dr. Lin Tiejian of YRDC and Dr. Tao Zemin, chief technical engineer of new technology application development at the Leading Technology Research Institute were present, and started the "Journey of Engine Technology" for participants.

According to sources, as a pacesetter in domestic engine technology R & D, Yuchai has mastered core engine technologies, and developed systems such as electronic control system with fully independent intellectual property right, advanced combustion system and post-processing system. Since undertaking the task of constructing the state laboratory of internal combustion engine engineering, Yuchai has shared its technical achievements in various ways to promote industrial development. The Technology Open Day is a way of Yuchai to introduce its core technologies to the public, partners and general staff.

Electronic control of engines, combustion and performance development, and post processing are Yuchai's key R & D fields at present. On the Technology Open Day. Feng, Lin and Tao introduced respective R & D fields to the participants. According to their introductions, by conquering core technologies, Yuchai has taken the lead in the industry to master the calibration technology of the electronically-controlled fuel injection system of diesel engines, independently developed the diesel engine controller YCECU, the SCR post-processing controller YCDCU and the natural gas engine controller YCGCU, and launched them on the market. By using the exclusive combustion technology, performance development technology and post processing technology, Yuchai has developed industrially leading products such as China's first Euro VI diesel engine prototype.

On the Technology Open Day, the participants also visited the noise test bench, emission test bench, gas engine test bench and heavy engine test bench. Over the three years since undertaking the task of constructing the state laboratory of internal combustion engine engineering, Yuchai has constructed the largest quantity of advanced R & D equipment in the country such as gas engine test bench, and put them to use. The dual-fuel engine nearly 3 meters high on the heavy engine test bench admired all.

Yang Hui from the Yulin Municipal Institute of Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection participated in the event as an ordinary citizen and a family member of a staff member. I was lucky to visit Yuchai's laboratory and saw China's best diesel engine laboratory, she said, feeling proud that his family member works at Yuchai and there is such a great enterprise in Yulin.

Media outlets including Science and Technology Daily,, Yulin Daily and Yulin TV covered this event.

(Song Yonggeng)

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