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Yuchai approved to establish Guangxi Expert Service Base

Upon discussion and evaluation organized by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (DHRSSGZAR), Yuchai has recently been approved to establish a base among Guangxi's second group of expert service bases. On the morning of December 5, the inaugural ceremony of the base was held at Yuchai. Jiang Jie, deputy director of DHRSSGZAR and executive deputy director of the Bureau of Civil Servants of DHRSSGZAR; Luo Zongguang, deputy director of the Organization Department of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and director of the Yulin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security; Guan Min, vice president of Yuchai Group and Ye Bin, deputy Party secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. were present and inaugurated "Guangxi Expert Service Base".

Guangxi Expert Service Base is a talent service base established under the organization of DHRSSGZAR. Via the platform, high-level talents can be introduced flexibly to give play to the role of experts' intellectual resources in guiding, supporting and promoting corporate development. Establishing an expert service base at Yuchai will further improve its talent team so as to achieve the major objectives of optimizing the industrial structure, making breakthrough in key technologies and cultivating talents; and experts' technical advantage will be employed to establish an expert service base work system of advantage complementation and resource sharing to serve enterprise and industrial development, and promote the rapid development of Yulin's relevant industries.

Jiang addressed the ceremony. He said that the establishment of Guangxi Expert Service Base at Yuchai marks its new major progress in talent cultivation and human resource development. Yuchai is a large-sized enterprise which established a postdoctoral workstation early in Guangxi and was among Guangxi's first group of small highlands for talents. For years, Yuchai has focused on human resource development, established good interactive relations with experts in the country and the world, and the talents introduced by Yuchai have boosted corporate development and local economic development. In the future, the departments of human resources and social security at the autonomous region and city levels will employ their advantages to introduce more human resources and intellectual resources for enterprises.

Jiang expected Yuchai to make good use of its existing talent program and talent team to introduce more talents from home and abroad, so as to build a creative senior talent team, promote corporate development and drive the economic development of Yuchai Industry Park and Yulin.

Guan thanked Guangxi's and Yulin's Party committees and departments at all levels for their attention and support to Yuchai. She said that Yuchai has established an integrated assurance mechanism for building Guangxi Expert Service Base to ensure full resource support. Yuchai will accelerate and intensify base construction to build the base into a model base with perfect systems, significant effects and far-reaching significance. The base will provide a new innovation carrier for the second startup, further help Yuchai pool new resources and support Yuchai's second startup with talents and intelligence.

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