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Wang Kai, secretary of CPC Yulin Municipal Committee, surveys Yuchai

On December 17, Wang Kai, secretary of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee, led a work group to Yuchai for a survey. He found out Yuchai's production operation and advancement of the second startup in 2014, and proposed the guideline of prospering Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) and Yuchai Group. Corporate leaders including Yan Ping, Gu Tangsheng and Wu Qiwei introduced Yuchai to the team.

Wang listened to Yuchai's report carefully, noting that the second startup is the focus of Yuchai, the five objectives of the second startup proposed at the beginning of this year should remain unchanged and Yuchai's target of 100 billion yuan should also be unchanged.

Wang said, during the second startup, efforts must be made to prosper Yuchai Machinery and Yuchai Group, and improve their management capacity and external development environment, to ensure that the second startup is advanced and the set objectives are achieved as scheduled.

Wang attached great importance to the construction of Yuchai New Industrial City and listed it as a major construction project of Yuchai Industrial Park. He required that Yulin's functional departments should serve project construction well to resolve the problems arising in the project.

The team coordinated and responded to a series of development problems raised by Yuchai.

(Wen Zhenghua)

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