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Yuchai: Promote innovation and development through talents and intelligence

Yuchai has recently received two "gifts": Upon discussion and evaluation organized by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (DHRSSGZAR), Yuchai has been approved to establish a base among Guangxi's second group of expert service bases; Yuchai's first-line technical worker Chi Zhaojiu was honored as Guangxi's "Most Beautiful Worker" in 2014. Just like boosters, the two "gifts" have injected new power into the building of Yuchai's top talent team and creative working group.

Yuchai is a large-sized enterprise which established a postdoctoral workstation early and a small highland for talents in Guangxi. For years, Yuchai has focused on human resource development and established good interactive relations with experts in the country and the world, and the talents introduced by Yuchai have boosted corporate development and local economic development. Guangxi Expert Service Base is a talent service base established under the organization of DHRSSGZAR. Via the platform, high-level talents can be introduced flexibly to give play to the role of experts' intellectual resources in guiding, supporting and promoting corporate development. The platform will help Yuchai further improve its talent team so as to achieve the major objectives of optimizing the industrial structure, making breakthrough in key technologies and cultivating talents. Experts' technical advantage will be employed to establish an expert service base work system of advantage complementation and resource sharing to serve enterprise and industrial development, and promote the rapid development of Yulin's relevant industries.

While building platforms such as small highland for talents, postdoctoral expert workstation and Guangxi's expert service base, the autonomous region government has listed Lin Zhiqiang, chief engineer of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. and president of Yuchai R & D Center (YRDC); Feng Jing and Lin Tiejia, vice president of YRDC in the list of Guangxi's 16th group of 30 talents for Guangxi's "New Century Talent Program". The government's support for top talents has promoted the innovation and development of Yuchai.

In terms of technical innovation, Yuchai has built the largest and best-equipped state-accredited corporate technical center and laboratory in the industry, owned a series of proprietary technologies and a top R & D team in the industry, and kept ahead in the industry in R & D strength; in terms of research findings, Yuchai has undertaken 10 national "863" high-tech frontier research projects, led and participated in the formulation and revision of 38 national and industrial standards, and owned over 2,600 product and technology patents, the key engine technology projects we led and participated in won the second national prize for progress in science and technology in 2012 and 2013 respectively; in terms of talent construction, the laboratory has brought together 12 most outstanding academicians, experts and professors in domestic and overseas auto industries and related industrial fields to increase the total number of researchers and developers to 665, thus primarily building a high-caliber R & D team with strong innovation capacity, reasonable age and knowledge structure, and international vision; in terms of product R & D, Yuchai has successfully developed China's first diesel engine for cars, China's first urban bus hybrid engine (ISG) and the world's first renewable pneumatic hybrid engine, has successfully developed National I to V diesel engines two to five years ahead of the implementation of the national emission standard, and took the lead to introduce the country's first Euro VI diesel engine sample in step with global engine R & D in June 2011. Besides, Yuchai engines served international sports events such as Beijing Olympic Games, Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade, FIG World Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Nanning and APEC Beijing Meeting.

To encourage and cultivate more talents, Yuchai sent skill masters abroad to study advanced manufacturing technologies from last year. Chen Jinyuan, president of Yuchai Technician Association, found that his foreign colleagues could make 2mm ultra-thin jacket core when studying abroad, and led his team to successfully develop the "high-end technology of high-strength ultra-thin body jacket" after his return.

(Song Yonggeng/Guangxi Daily)

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