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Yuchai opens for online & offline exchange with netizens

To build a platform for effective communication and interaction with netizens, and disseminate its "positive energy", on December 19, Yuchai Group joined hands with to deliver an exchange meeting with the site's netizens. A delegation of over 10 enthusiastic netizens including the moderator of the site's Hongdou Community visited Yuchai and communicated with Yuchai's leaders at the meeting room on the fourth floor of Power Building. The site covered the activity live.

Yuchai's leaders communicated with the netizens

Among leaders present were Huang Dajian, vice general manager of; Huang Shan, director of the Community Department of; Wang Xiangju, director of the Community Department of; Mai Yifan, head of Yulin Office of; Zhou Sunhai and Guan Min, vice president of Yuchai Group; Qin Xiaohong, chief economic manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) and Cui Huabiao, vice general manager of Yuchai Sales Co., Ltd.

According to the source, as a key enterprise in Guangxi and one of China's largest internal combustion engine manufacturing bases, Yuchai Group has become a focus of attention among netizens. is the most authoritative news portal site with the largest release volume in Guangxi as well as an important window for Guangxi's external publicity. As Guangxi's largest online interactive platform, the site's Hongdou Community owns 2 million registered users with some 2.5 million clicks daily, and has been ranked among Global Top 100 Chinese Forums for five times.

Zhou, Guan, Qin and Cui communicated with the netizen representatives, answered their concerns such as Yuchai's second startup, does Yuchai intend to enter the vehicle industry, Yuchai's measures for high-end talent introduction, the operation state of Yuchai Machinery, how does Yuchai benefit its staff in development and its overseas market highlights, making rational communication with them in a pleasant atmosphere.

The netizens posed with Yuchai's publicists for a photo before Power Building

Yuchai's second startup is a hot topic this year as well as a focus of attention among netizens. In the new normal of the superimposition of three phases of economic development and in the situation of industrial overcapacity, to follow the general trend of national economic development and satisfy its development demand, Yuchai proposed the idea of "second startup" focusing on transformation and upgrading. Yuchai adjusted its development strategy this year, released Yuchai Group's Second Startup and Outline of Strategic Plan (2014-2018) in late April, fixed its strategic orientation as two industrial chains--"engine" and "petrochemical" and two service platforms--"finance" and "logistics", and grew steadily under the guidance of the new strategy.

High-end talent introduction and retention by Yuchai which is ahead of its peers in technical R & D was another focus of attention among the netizens. In the exchange, the netizens acquired a full knowledge of the broad business platform, work team and favorable accommodation and living environment created by Yuchai for high-end talents. As for the operation and management state of Yuchai's core subsidiary Yuchai Machinery, the netizens learned that Yuchai Machinery which accounts for half of Yuchai Group has operated in good conditions. Due to wide product coverage, mastery of core technologies and management innovation, Yuchai Machinery has remained competitive in the industry and maintained growth in overseas markets.

While developing, Yuchai has borne in mind and boldly assumed responsibilities and has never forgotten to repay the society. Zhou expected netizens to pay more attention and offer more support to Yuchai, create a favorable online public opinion environment for Yuchai's development, and disseminate Yuchai's "positive energy".

Yuchai will answer the netizens' other questions not answered on the scene online afterwards.

The netizens visited Yuchai's showroom

Prior to the exchange, the netizens watched Yuchai's promotional video, visited the showroom in Power Building, Engine Plant 5, Engine Plant 6 and the Test Center of Yuchai R & D Center, and inquired about Yuchai's production and R & D on the site.

(Yang Mingze)

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