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Yuchai Multifuel Low- and Zero-carbon Intelligent Engines Scale New Highs

With the proposal of the goals of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality worldwide, there are growing needs for developing and applying green low-carbon energy vehicles, and growing concerns about the development direction of fuel vehicles. As the largest independent internal combustion engine manufacturer in China, Yuchai has a wide range of engine supporting capabilities, and is the "middle stage" and "backstage" of power technology in the fields of automobile, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ship and power generation in China. In order to better support the "front stage", in addition to conventional diesel engines and low-carbon natural gas engines, Yuchai has also provided products and technical support for relevant industries in terms of the flexible use of carbon-neutral fuels such as methanol and zero-carbon fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia.

Yuchai has always been leading the industry in the technological exploration of green and low-carbon alternative fuels. Recently, it has made significant breakthroughs in the application of ammonia and methanol fuels, and made new progress in the development and application of a multifuel engine platform.

Multifuel Engine Technology Platform, Opening Up New Prospects for the Development of Internal Combustion Engines

Yuchai is the first multi-cylinder internal combustion engine manufacturer in China that has achieved a production and sales volume of over 10 million engines. Based on over 70 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and technology accumulation, Yuchai has launched a multifuel engine platform, which is also a key technology platform to support the realization of zero-carbon and intelligent engines.

The platform features application of multiple fuels, significant reduction of the technical barriers and costs for the application of hydrogen and other low- and zero-carbon fuels, and reduction of OEMs' development and manufacturing costs owing to high universality of most structural members. It is a solution to achieve large-scale industrialization in the short term in the context of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, blazing a new trail for the internal combustion engine industry to respond to challenges.

Embarking on the Development Path of Ammonia-hydrogen Engines that Carry the Brilliant Achievements in Internal Combustion Engines

In the current era, application of hydrogen energy has become an important way to peak carbon dioxide emissions and gradually achieve carbon neutrality for its inherent advantage of zero carbon emission.

At present, large-scale and low-cost application of hydrogen energy has become an inevitable trend in the energy market, in spite of its technical bottlenecks. To cope with the bottlenecks in technologies and costs, hydrogen-fueled engines are developed, providing new zero-carbon solutions for commercial vehicles, construction machinery and other applications.

In recent years, Yuchai's technical R&D team has continuously overcome the problems of backfire, pre-ignition, knocking, hydrogen embrittlement, low exhaust temperature and high water content, promoting the technical progress of hydrogen-fueled engines. In the next three to five years, Yuchai will strive to overcome the barriers in durability and reliability of hydrogen-fueled engines, gradually realizing marketization of hydrogen-fueled engines, and reaching an international leading level in terms of thermal efficiency and other comprehensive performance indicators of hydrogen-fueled engines.

Moreover, Yuchai has developed a multifuel blending combustion and injection system for zero-carbon ammonia-fueled engines based on its years of engine development experience. The system not only makes up for the shortcomings of slow ammonia combustion rate and high requirements for ignition energy, but also gives full play to the environmental protection advantage of zero carbon emission of ammonia fuel, and therefore has broad market prospects.

Quick Implementation of Methanol Single-fuel Engine and Methanol-Fuel Dual-fuel Engine Technologies

Methanol remains liquid at room temperature, making it safe and easy to transport. Additionally, green methanol is a kind of carbon-neutral fuel, and is currently one of the most advantageous green fuels. By virtue of its unique advantages, methanol fuel is considered one of the new alternative fuels that best fit China's current energy and resource conditions.

Extensive basic research, experimental verification, and operational data have shown that methanol, as an automotive fuel, has good safety, economy, and environmental performance.

Recently, China has seen related applications of methanol-powered heavy-duty trucks. The fuel cost of such trucks is 18% lower than that of diesel trucks. Through calculation based on the driving distance of 150,000 km per year, the fuel cost can be reduced by RMB 45,000 per year. With the advantages, methanol-powered heavy-duty trucks may usher in a new era of development. Such regions as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia have a significant cost advantage of methanol, and are therefore expected to see wide application of methanol-powered mine vehicles.

According to relevant technical personnel, based on the current technology reserve, Yuchai can quickly realize the implementation of the technologies of engines powered by methanol fuel M100 and dual-fuel engines powered by methanol and fuel.

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